Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't Dream It's Over

It's not quite over just yet... the week that is. I'm thankful that it is Friday though, that's for certain.

Lately I've just been listening to tunes, watching a little t.v. here and there and catching up on some housework when I can.

Last weekend, I happened to see "The Shining" and I sat back and watched it (almost) in its entirety. That brought back some memories... Classic. Let's see, other than that I noticed that "Sometimes They Come Back Again" came on, but I really prefer "Sometimes They Come Back". "The Stand" also aired... all of the parts, like a marathon. I can't abide "The Stand". Maybe I should read the book sometimes if I have time, as I am told that the book really shames the movie anyway... don't they usually?

Other than that, I don't have much to report. Still feeling the need for a nice escape soon... I would love to take a week's vacation and go somwhere really neato, but I doubt I will get to. I never get to go many places, it's just time for life to be boring and uneventful I guess. I'll take uneventful over tragic any day, but I would like a little bit of excitement or something. Playing gigs is fun, maybe that will help out since we have a few planned in the coming couple months... who knows.

There is one song that I have been thinking would be cool to do for some time now, and it's called "The Book Of Love". Yes, I know that's quite a romantic selection, but when played accoustically, kind of 'folky' I rather enjoy this tune... Maybe I'll save it for next time I play for someone's wedding, or maybe I will attend that "Thursday Night Pickin Party" they have at Kudzu's and sing it with those guys... I have heard the Peter Gabriel version, and I heard it also on the movie entitled "The Book Of Love", but so far the best version I ran across was on YouTube. These girls don't appear to be very well known, but I really liked what they did with it. Hope you enjoy it as I did, and as well, have a great weekend!

If you can't view the video, click the link:


RockDog said...

The Stand (botht he book and the movie) are kick ass!!! Sweeeeet!

Have a good weekend!

her indoors said...

i love that song not heard it before thing its great thanks.
yeah i am in the same boat going nowhere doing nothing!
have a good weekend


it's 16:17 on a Saturday and I've just sobered up after Friday night. Now that was a good night.

Like the song

Chucky said...

I never watched (or knew of) The Satnd movie. I started reading the book, one of the few, and it is good. I just don't really sit down and read anymore.

Anonymous said...

M-O-O-N... That spells The Stand!

Sara said...

The Shining - Love it, love it, love it - Shame Jack Torent went a bit balmy towards the end, although I guess The Overlook Hotel, would do that to even the most peaceful and calm soul! Good choice there and nice lyrics to that video you have there...xx