Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tips For Tuesday

Today's Tip of the Day!!

Do not wear to work the conspicuously-tight pants, no matter how excited you are that they actually fit, as well as buttoned, even if they seem to be comfortable enough at the time, and yes even if they are not threatening to rip upon entry to your vehicle.

Believe me, later in the day through the mid-day heat, and swealter... and with your after-lunch bloat you will be wishing you had instead worn a "moo-moo" dress (with comfortable shoes).

Seriously... just don't.

That is all.


Jenny! said...

Sick pic! Um, they make elastic waist bands for those that are not zipper ready! I saw a woman wiht pants so tight the other day it gave her like 3 camel toes...sick sick sick!

Beefcake Almighty said...

Well if you got it, flaunt it.

Sadly, she ain't got it.

ZigZagMan said...

sadly...here in MI...thats the kind of woman most likely to wear spandex........LOL

captain corky said...

I'll do my best not to. ;)

Chalice said...

Holy Hell...That picture kills me.... *snicker* Gotta luv people like that. I have always called them "Seam-Busters" :) Thanks for the laugh!

Nothingman said...

I'll keep that in mind....and yeah after lunch is when the real fun begins! :)


Word Ver: sdokti
Daughter of Su-Do-Ku!!

JINKS said...

Poor horizontally challenged thing...and that "third-eye" on her abdomen is ominous.......i'm in a sweat just looking at the picture....its like a horror flick when you yell for the victim..."No, don't!"....I want to yell..."Don't try to contain it!!!!! It's alive and starring at us!"

Chucky said...

I'm going to ware my moomoo to school tomorrow!

I can't wait

Aunt Jackie said...

Jenny! Yes, that was pretty disgusting to me too, but it's how I felt myself! LOL!

Beef... True Dat, True Dat haha.

Chalice, "Seam Busters" Hmm, I gotta remember that.

Nothingman-Cool play with the word verification. Sometimes you just get good ones. I'm sure we're all grateful we're not near you after lunch then!!

Jinks! Let's not get into the "horror-zontally" challenged... I feel that way lately! hehe... Guess we all have our moments. You're so silly! And why do we yell at those people in the horror movies no matter how many times we see them slashed?? ;)

Chucky, I gotta see pics of this!!