Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday June 15

Best Wishes to friends of Jackie who are having a Birthday Friday, June 15, and you know who you are... I hope for you everything you deserve in life.

This is a song I like by the "Dixie Chicks" called "Voice Inside My Head"... I don't normally listen to very much country music but the lyrics of this song tell a neat story... They touched my heart. I hope you enjoy.

My band's gig went well last night, still mostly people that I know came to see us, but a few stragglers came in. Our friend at the bar said he kept hearing really good comments about us, then he wished us luck at our June 22nd show at The Stage Stop. Kudzus is just a great down-home little place. I love it there... Thanks again Martin and Kudzu's! We'll see you again soon!

I'm quite zapped today, I feel like I stepped out in front of a trolley on Main Street and got smacked... but I'm sure it will pass... just those weeknight gigs can get ya. I'll be trying to play catch up, and have a good deal to do today, but I'll be around to catch up to everyone's blog when I can... those of you who I haven't gotten back around to in a few days, my apologies. I read every chance I get and I'll be back by-don't desert me! :)

Happy Hump Day and stay safe my wonderful readers.
xoxo AJ


JINKS said...

Well "bless your heart!"...sorry couldn't resist that one....glad to know the show went well last night..and doesn't surprise me that good comments were guys sound wonderful....hey, i'm suddenly craving something to eat from Kudzu's.....want to go late, late lunch on Friday?.....

RockDog said...

During your shows do you invite the audience to go topless?

You should... ;)

Kristie said...

Thanks for the link to the song I really enjoyed it.

ZigZagMan said...

I'm with rockdog on this one!!!! :)

Glad the gig went well....looking forward to getting the cd..

If rockdog was a true friend..he'd plug your cd on the radio show...hint...hint!!! lol

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks, well I would be disappointed if you didn't gauge me with the jokes and plays on words!! You're a genius in that respect! :)

You know, Rock?? I have NOT thought of that... honestly but thanks for the idea because now you have Mr. J on board with it, so I'll likely be outnumbered! LOL!

Kristie... I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I like the Dixie Chicks.

Zig, somehow I knew you would be! I'll get the CD thingy arranged as soon as possible. I promise :) I need to get the music to my loyal music followers, and you guys are so sweet to be supportive!

Nothingman said...

Hey AJ...

I think you have left the 666th comment on my blog!!

How many times does that happen??

Use dead/death as much as you can in your songs and KICK ASS!!

Good lucks and may Lucifer watch over you ;)


Aunt Jackie said...

Wow, that's is weird! I just write what I feel, I let inspiration take over... Sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're about death and destruction. I don't control it, I just pass the message along.

Thanks Nothingman!! :P