Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stolen (A Dedication)

This just crossed my mind, and I thought I would share a new poem. I can't speak the dedication. It is more important to protect an innocent season that still has a chance to blossom from spring to summer.

"Stolen" (new, written by me)
© 2007 Jacqueline Wood

I am that same girl
just hidden under skin
scratch the wound open
see just where I've been

Once like you
with hopes and dreams
and thoughts of knowing all

Who'd have thought
when you were small
you had such power
to take it all
take it all away?

What if you knew
what your existence brought?
What if you knew
how hard I fought,
to forget it all
and start so new
and push away the memory
that there ever was a time
it was any different
than the now?

What would you do
if someone like you
changed your life forever
for good or for the better?

How would you feel,
if he traded in your sunrise
for million a rainy day?
What if he too went away?
Took your innocence along,
could you be so strong?
How about forgiveness...
imagine that?
imagine that!

Could you forgive her
for being the reason?
Forgive her for
killing the season
of Love?
of Love!

Sometimes it takes forever
to wrestle death to the floor
and talk yourself into
believing in what is
behind the other door...

Sometimes it takes forever
to forget that which in
a moment was stolen away
Sometimes your path
is led astray...

What can I say?
Do I forgive you?
It's hard to say.


ZigZagMan said...

strength is measured in many ways my friend........:)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Very beautiful poem. I like the pic too...we must forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.

b. said...


I just really love this poem..

(The words are still echoing as I write these to you.)



awaiting said...

I could relate to this poem...did you write it for me???

I didn't write at my spot...but uh, my decision to 'move' turned out to be the wrong one. sucks.

captain corky said...

Great poem Jackie!

Dan said...

This is very beautiful and touching Jaxxx. You are very talented.

AuntJackie said...

Zig, Too True!

Ole Blue, What a great statement that is!

b., I am glad you stopped by! Thank you :)

Awaiting, Girl I am sorry... This bumpy-assed paved highway of Life sucks sometimes, hard! Here if you need to talk. XOXO

Corky, Thanks man! I value your opinion fo sho!

Dan, that's so sweet to say... I don't always feel it's true but it's nice to hear :D
Happy Belated Bd!