Monday, June 25, 2007

Idiot Du Jour

This is the Monday "Don't Try This At Home" segment. This guy clearly had already drank enough to rid him of his logic... You should blow the flame out on the shot BEFORE you drink it. Let that be a lesson to you all!! :)


doctor chip said...

no shit, that "problem"
happened to me once!

bigger problem?

I used to wear my hair down below my shoulders.

caught fire, ya know.


last flaming shot I
ever tried to take.

oh, my.

FYI, burned the living hell out of the ear on the side that caught. lucky for me, my buddy's girlfriend had a Rum-and-Coke, and the presence of mind to throw it on me and put me out!

luckier for me?

it wasn't Bacardi 151...

yup. true, dat.




RockDog said...

LOL! That's kick ass! I like the flame he shoots!

Love it!

ZigZagMan said...

LOLOL......that'll leave a mark!! :)

Beefcake Almighty said...

Oddly enough, I've seen that happen before.

Everyone freaked out, called 911, the whole mess.

i wanted to see it again. I bought the guy another shot.

captain corky said...

I guess that guy's not so cool after all.

her indoors said...

dont think i will try this one lol