Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trick or Treat is Near

I love this song by Siouxshe and the Banshees, it was on a Halloween Album I got a few years back, and during fall when it's cold I always have to listen to it... Halloween is my special time of the year with my best friend, Tamra and we always used to revel in the season... we don't get to do as much these days-things always seem to change, but we have some great memories... Tamra, this one's for you, for all the Halloweens past and the ones yet to be!! :) XOXO



I just had a metaphorical orgasm whatever that means....Had a crush on Siouxsie since '78

Aunt Jackie said...

hehe... probably not the most popular song, but it's one of my favs for some reason... Siouxsie was very cool.