Thursday, October 12, 2006

Heading into the Forest on a Lucky Day!

Oooh it was a nice chilly morning, and I could use more of that. I guess Mr. J and I will be departing for our trip on Friday the 13th, which some folks say is not a good day, or 'unlucky' if you will, but I think that it's all in how you look at it... I happen to think Friday the 13th is cool. I am a strange moon child though... Maybe if I thought about it, I would think how we are going up into the Hills of Arkansas on such a supposedly unlucky day (which has been named for a few famous horror flicks I must say), and that Arkansas in some of its remote places can remind you of the 1972 movie, Deliverance at times... hmmm well, i'll be ready for any creepies that come my way then, as they don't want to tangle with Aunt Jackie!! Aside from that, I find the season magical, and we're starting to get that "feeling in the air", we're on our way... In that spirit, I thought I would share a cute photo I found of probably the coolest looking Jack-O-Lantern or carved pumpkin I've seen yet... This one should've won an award if it did not... Happy Thursday folks.



Jax was born on Friday the 13th. The midwife got upset when she asked me what I was doin' 'n I said "Checkin' her head for 6's"

Jax is 17 tomorrow. How the hell did she arrive at 17??? when I'm still only 18 on a good day!!

Aunt Jackie said...

That is so sweet... no wonder she's cool as she is. All I can say about aging, is it's extremely important to think young, I believe it's (one of) the key(s). If we think a thing, I feel like we put it into motion-if we project youth, we'll be youthful... As far as time [the actual number], we're 10 and 20 minutes later we're 30, and 20 minutes later we're 60 years old wondering where it all went!! (i'm wise beyond my years-haha j/k) Happy Birthday to Jax! Wow born on Friday October 13th to boot.