Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gimme a Fifth!

I'll drink to that! Well, in reality I don't guess I do much drinking. However, I sure have felt like it the past couple of days. My computer problems continue today since my SQL server has decided that it isn't going to do any work until further notice. I suspect it is drivers, but haven't been able to get the right ones in place. So, today is October 5th. Saw a good many notable birthdays for today, but I guess the one in particular that I will give "shouts" to is my neice's husband, Rodney. Happy Birthday Rodney, glad you've stuck with our crazy lil family, and you've brought us ReRe and Jack Jack... Hope you have a great day. Your present is in the mail (Tiger Direct must've sent it to the wrong address too--hahah joking).

So far so good on Mr. J and I getting back to our walking and fitness, we've been eating mostly organics and trying to cook healthy and do well. I just realized yesterday that I haven't even eaten any meat for over two weeks, which hasn't bothered me one bit--I didn't even miss it... I guess I could do without everything meaty except for the fish and shrimp... I do love seafood and fish. But that is all pretty healthy anyway. Gonna go walking this evening, and then head to the practice room for our band rehearsal... Then call it a night. Tomorrow is Friday once again, so I guess i've made it through... we'll see what the weekend has to prove soon enough... Happy thoughts readers-and if you haven't watched the farting preacher, do yourself a favor and click play...

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