Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Others

I owe one of our special bloggers the posting of my finished tattoo (the Celtic Tree of Life that I posted a while back that is in the middle of my back), but until I can get a good shot of that, here are my others, not as much my favs--but still my skin! :)

1-Very first one I ever got (1995), ditched work at the printing company I was with at the time and spent St. Patty's day at Beale St. drinking and getting inked. Ugly one, but special memory. [located: back right shoulder]

2-Had been out all night long (1996) with my friend Jeremy, he and I stayed up til wee hours drinking coffee and chatting, and come morning we decided to go home get ready and spend the day in Memphis, ended up at Underground Art tattoos... Viola! [located: front right shoulder]

3-This was my favorite out of the three until my latest, this was in 99' with my best bud Tamra, she and I got one on the same night by the same bloodthirsty artist at Ramesses Shadow downtown, he's no longer there but the shop still thrives--best place to go. [located: lower back]

There you have it... I'll post the filled in version of #4 soon-sorry Cappy!!!


Nana said...

I'm telling Daddy!!!!

chelly said...

Wow! They sure are pretty! Tell me, how painful is it, to get one of those?

Aunt Jackie said...

Oh stop it Vic, you don't have anything on me anymore!! haha

Chelly, thanks! No, they're not that painful to me... I always have enjoyed the experience.

Nana said...

They are just stick on's!!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Mom probably wishes now that she had let me put those tattoos on from the Cracker Jack boxes, and maybe I wouldn't have obscessed on the real deal! hehe

Anonymous said...

pour moi? merci!
thanks for that. can't wait to see the new one.
(sorry it's taken this long to post)