Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello Autumn, October's finally here

"And suns grow meek, and the meek suns grow brief, And the year smiles as it draws near its death." Author: William Cullen Bryant

It is the first day of October here, and that means fall now more than ever, which is great for me because I'm "Sick" of summer weather. The temperatures are continuing to cool, although we're still experiencing some warm days. Fall itself had its first day around Sept. 23, but I forgot to mention it-even though it's my favorite season. Halloween is simply the best, although we used to do so many fun things for Halloween, and it just doesn't seem as exciting as it was... Maybe this year will be different.

As for the 1st, today is noted as National Hepatitis Awareness Day (which I was not aware of-so now you know too).

Today in History
October 1st - National Library of Congress Where you can see a complete run-down of "today in history" notables. If you want to read even more interesting trivia and facts about October and Autumn (Fall), as usual I heavily recommend Wikipedia: More on "Autumn" and More on "October"

Have a wonderful Sunday, and hope your week, and month to come is all that you can imagine!


Sara said...

Halloween is great or Samhain as Pagans like to know it as. I always try and get a fire going for Halloween and burn loads of candles, make pumpkin soup and moon cakes. Ahh, winter is a coming!

Aunt Jackie said...

What are Moon cakes?? Sounds like it's alot of fun at your place... I can't wait for winter here.

Kris said...

You know Halloween is my fav. I dress up crazy and freak out my students. It's one of my favorite things ever. One year I even committed suicide in front of my class! I got in big trouble for that one. The same year I caught my sleeve on fire with a flaming jack-o-lantern and my yard on fire with a fire pit. By the way, if you put hay bales around a bonfire, wet the ground down real good! I tried really hard to force Jack-Jack to be born on Halloween, but he hung in until Nov. 3rd. Little ingrate.

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahh, my neice Kris has the same evil and sadistic humor and spirit that I do :)

Nana said...

Halloween is the Ruddick's holiday of choice!!!!!