Thursday, October 26, 2006

Memphis Manny Pulls Houdini!

This article, i'm sharing with you originally from WREG-TV Article entitled "Memphis manatee gives Sea World the slip"

OCT. 26, 2006 12:00 PM CDT
Memphis manatee gives Sea World the slip

MEMPHIS -- The Memphis manatee was supposed to go home today, but to the surprise of Sea World, the 800 lb creature has disappeared.

For the last four days the Manatee has been in Memphis swimming around Wolf River Harbor, and officials think the it swam 700 miles up the Mississippi from its original home in Florida. This morning dozens of people made their way down to the riverfront to get a glimpse of the animal and watch Sea World perform the rescue. Our own News channel 3's Melissa Moon was one of them. She just like everyone else was surprised to discover the manatee was no where to be found.

Sea World was scheduled to meet with police and Tennessee state wildlife officials around 7:00 a.m. Last night the manatee wedged himself between two barges and was swimming in a pool of water. But this morning, he was gone.

What has Sea World concerned is that the Mississippi is only 60 degrees and that is too cold for the manatee. They've never seen a manatee this far north. They tell us that the animal is probably experiencing hypothermia and as soon as they get him out of the water, they'll be wrapping him in blankets and heating him up with warmer water.

Sea World and wildlife officials have searched the area where he was last seen as well as the Wolf River Harbor area. They are now expanding the search to McKellar Lake.

(hope they find him, keep your fingers crossed)

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I love these Manatee updates! Priceless.