Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hysterical Blindness

Feeling invisible lately...The week is breezing past somewhat, and as i've watched people and the world around me, i've decided that no other human being gives a flying crap about anyone but themselves. They're all on a one-track crash course headed straight for their own private brick walls. The rudeness, apathy and sadistic nature of it all. What make-believe race are they all trying to win? The facts are that the world is spinning out of control on its axis and they're all trying to break the speed of light to get to the end? What's the prize? Time passes fast enough people, just stop and look at the world around you, and maybe find it in your busy schedules to laugh a little, make someone smile, return a "hello", acknowledge someone else's existence besides yourselves... It's all a part of the big picture you know. What ever happened to civility, kindness and human decency? It's getting thinner by the second.

Seems like everywhere I turn, there's some rotten attitude or some negative energy combating me. I try hard to stay positive myself-I really do. But sometimes I just feel like giving the whole world a great big foot in the **#!@$$!**


Ordinary Janet said...

May I ask what brought on this observations? Was someone rude to Aunt Jackie? Want us to beat them up?

I know what ya mean, I feel the same way sometimes. I want to say "Begone, you and your negativity! Don't infect me with your poison!" and I'm not talking flu here. I'll avoid certain websites and forums when I feel too much negativity, otherwise I'll just get depressed-more than I already am, that is.

chelly said...

Jackie, I'm sending you a hug from way over here! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

@Janet: I don't know really, it just sort of piled up and came down on me... It happens sometimes... Wishing others were a little more thoughtful and that the world was a bit softer... Life. ;)
@Chelly: Thanks. Much needed today!!

And yes, let's get together and beat them all up!! hee hee

Barnze said...

I have rejected reality and replaced it with my own..It's much nicer in my world.

Nana said...

Come on guys...this is the dark side of Aunt Jackie. I am her sister and it is something we inherited from our DAD!!!!!! It will pass and she will be her happy little self!!!!!! I love you Jackie.

AuntJackieWood said...

@Barnze: I guess I do too, i've always been a dreamer and it is much nicer. Every once in a while though, it will get the best of me and i'll have a rant-ha.
@Nana: You know me so well... yes, i'll be fine, I was just sharing "feeelings" :)