Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello, Hello, Hello... Is There Anybody In There?

Hi, it's a quick update this morning... There is no internet available here, but Mr. J found a stray network, so here I am! At this moment, i'm sitting in the little livingroom of the place i'm staying at. When I woke up this morning, I took the digital cam out on the deck, took a few photos of Lake Hamilton in the a.m. The sunrise was still in effect, sort of, and since the temperature is a bit on the chilly side, there was a fog atop the lake water... splendid! It's so nice up here. Then I took an overly-long soak in the jacuzzi tub (and got prune hands you cheeky monkeys!!) ha-ha

Just an informational note, there are plenty of liquor stores and bars around here, so Mr. J was able to have a bit of crown royal last night and a few Sam Adams, so he was his giggly self, and gave a "Cheers" to you other guys that love their brew. The only thing I am regretting is that I didn't pick up some coffee as I would have loved to sip some hot, black coffee on the deck this chilly morning and I thought of my Mother (Ms. Rie), who would be sitting there drinking it with me if I had brought her up too... She so loves the outdoors and camping type things.

Well, what to do with the remainder of my day? I contemplate doing one of the therapeutic baths in the Natural Hot Spring spa that they offer here, along with a massage... what the heck-Earthly life is but a moment (and we don't want to leave it dirty and stressed) :)

Happy Day everyone... i'll be back soon with more...

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Nana said...

I thought you might just leave the computer at home so you could get some romantic time with Mr. J!!! Guess not!!!!