Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Morning Memphis Manatee Update

With everyone's concern over the Manatee that decided to visit this week, I thought I'd post updates whenever I was able. The spot they had found him in is in what we call 'The Wolf River'; he's just a little ways down the street from me almost... barely just north of Downtown Memphis. He seems to be attracting his share of "gawkers". I don't blame them as I know we don't see a Manatee here often (ever)! And 720 miles up the Mississippi River to Memphis in my opinion is no small feat... this must be a tough guy. However, he deserves his protection, and so far all is ok. The Tennessee Wildlife officials are keeping him guarded, and preventing his "fans" as well as boaters from getting too close. They should have a wildlife team together soon, and I think will be planning a safe mission to move him out of the chilly waters.

The surrounding waters have been around 65-70 degrees from what I understand, which are a bit too cool for the guy, but they're trying to keep him from being upset too much. Coast Guard has kept the harbor secure... I am hoping he's in all good hands. Still, i'll keep you guys posted! Glad to know we have concerned animal lovers.
More good news on 'Manny' can be found at the Save The Manatee Club After all, he is an endangered species!!

Please read this deligntfully fun slant on our Memphis visitor, "Manny" from my friend Betaille at LaughToKeepFromCrying :)

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