Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gassed Up On God

This gives me a whole new way of expressing just how 'full of hot air' those TV evangelists are... I must share with you... "The Farting Preacher"... If I had nads, i'd have laughed them off.

This is the "Heaven's Bakery" one (must see)


2 Dollar Productions said...

Sometimes the word of the Lord comes rushing out from all orifices on the body I suppose.

laughtokeepfromcrying said...

Would you classify this gift of his under "speaking in tongues"?

faith, who was not in the kitchen with Dinah.

Aunt Jackie said...

He was definitely full of... spirit (smirk)

Nana said...

Wonder why we find gross body functions soooo...funny? They are unless they happen to us!!!!! (o;