Friday, October 20, 2006

Do Yo' Friday Thang

<-That little guy definitely has the right idea!!
Guess I'd have to say that i'm happy that it is Friday, although last friday was not only the 13th but I was happy to be traveling a bit. However, I am hoping to make the most of this weekend and accomplish a few things. I need to get some house cleaning under the belt, and I have a couple projects i'd like to play with, along with playing some video games and just enjoying the weather! It has been cooler, and I love that. I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but here it was like 80 degrees and then all of a sudden in the 40s (fahrenheit)... Such drastic changes, no wonder everyone stays sick with sinus problems, flus, colds... our bodies can't adjust. Had a chance to walk down the street on my lunch hour, stopped off at the park on the way back to feed a few crumbs to some squirrels, who act like they're going to climb your leg if you make a certain 'clicking' noise with your mouth, which must be how most of the people that feed them on a normal basis call them. They come straight up to you, not afraid at all. There is a little nut shoppe down the streat called "The Peanut Shop", and I have half a mind to go and buy them some special treats. I'm sure they feel as though winter is on its way and they need to begin stocking up... Animals are smarter than we are most days.

One more observation about rudeness: I notice that people will come up and simply interrupt you right in the middle of conversation more and more, without regard to anything you were saying. That goes right under my subject from the other day wherein nobody has any regard for others but themselves. Could they not wait for a moment to see if you are finished? Or say "pardon me, i'm sorry to interrupt you"? Just jump right in and take over the space and the conversation... What's with everyone! I don't mean to get back on that subject, I just wish people would think for a moment instead of acting... that's all. I can hope.

Well everyone, have a great Friday, or rest of the weekend, depending on when/if you read this... be safe and happy.


Ordinary Janet said...

You're right, people don't think. Everyone is in a hurry and think it's more important that they get there first, as if you aren't important too. If it were me, I'd interrupt the interruptee.

And up here in Ohio it's the same, weather-wise. I think I got the flu last week because of the weather changing so abruptly like that. It's hard to go from shorts and tank tops one day to sweats the next. The only good thing about it is hot chocolate!

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahhhh 'Hallelujah' Jesus for the Hot Chocolate!!! (eg)

Ordinary Janet said...

down, girl! Too much is bad for you! (they say...)