Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Wonder Years, 'AJ Style'

Next up, of course is Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us by the uber-awesome Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words are "One" and "Water"... check back for it right after these uninhibited teen thoughts by Jackie!

That's right, it's time for more 14-year-old Jackie Journals... I'm skipping around tonight, and bringing to you Journals #5 & #7. Here goes.

Jackie's Private Journal - Entry #5 - 3/26/85

O.k., sorry I skipped a while.

Today I did an unusual thing. I pierced my own ears a second time!!! I was fooling with my ears and just pierced 'em. Now I have 2 holes in each ear. I couldn't believe myself! I like them though.

Mom didn't make a big deal but Dad hated it!!!! It didn't really hurt but about like the gun. I'm satisfied. I may

I may consider liking Ken* again but I'm not sure. I'll decide later and report. he's had a collapsed lung, he's so little well not really but he's got a thin chest y'know. Ken isn't really that good looking but he's nice. But if I like him again, he'll get married. Greg did, Roger did and he would too. I could fix it though. Ha! Ha!

Sometimes I think god doesn't want this for me but then he could be trying to protect me from it but I'd rather go on + make my mistakes. I'll get whoever I want though.

I get what I want if I want it bad enough!! That's a promise.

If I want something bad enough I think I'd get nerve to do it. I pierced my Ears, didn't I?

Well Gotta Go!



Jackie's Private Journal - Entry #7 7/13/85

Look I know I haven't written in a long time but I just haven't been in the mood to write. No This past week is when Vickie** went to Hawaii. All the kids*** were down this week. Now I can describe how I feel:

Not very excited 1st of all. I missed Duran Duran on Live Aid (A TV. Special).

I'm also hot right now. A little restless. I'm just not excited. This day has only had one moment.

it was when I saw a pretty good looking guy in a sports car and he gave me a pretty interesting look! (And I gave him a pretty good stare myself!) Not REAL exciting!

What I really feel right now is the need for excitement. There hasn't been any of that lately since I've turned 15 actually. So it's sort of a restlessly bored mood but I think the tides can change that. I hope I'm in a different mood tomoro. I mean I get to drive in a couple of weeks. It's just I'm not able to get out and excite myself... like that brief stare into the eyes of that guy today, that excited me. I'm more into guy scouting now than I used to be. I used to have dumb crushes and nothing more. Now I think I'm ready for more excitement and I've decided to go for it!!

Till next time,

Notes: Keep in mind when reading, I was raised very 'southern Baptist', and overprotected too.

I try to cite the entries as close as possible, except I can't abide some of the spelling, so I find myself correcting the spelling. I leave as much as my OCD will let me though. lol

Also, please excuse all the repititititition and the overuse of exclamation points... teenagers use a lot of exclamation points.

Legend for these entries:
*Ken = Ken Coleman (Childhood Crush), you can read about Ken in Close Encounters of the Dork Kind. In this journal entry, Ken had recently been in an accident and ended up with a collapsed lung.

**Vickie = My sister, a.k.a. "Nana", she is mentioned in multiple entries throughout the blog.

***The Kids = "The Kids" is what I have always referred to my nieces Stacey and Kristie. It began as a small child when Mom and Vickie would refer to them as 'The Kids' and I repeated it, it stuck... even now.


Further on up the road said...

I never kept a journal - until recently there is my blog but also a little book of ramblings I right some days.

Shame there are large chunks - whole years or more where I struggle to remember what the hell happened.

Beware the desire for excitement... to quote a wise old pal of mine... "Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it but not in the way you dream"

Matt-Man said...

How did you survive those years? You were quite the rebel. Cheers AJ!!

heyitcouldhappen.blogspot.com said...

Jackie, have enjoyed these jogs back to the teen years so much and had forgotten how we all wore our feelings on our shirtsleeves, some of us in puffy sleeves and the rest of us like a pack of cigarettes in a tee-shirt...keep em all coming.

Jay said...

Are you having fun going back and reliving your teenage years? Cause we're having fun reliving them with you!

I never kept a journal either. Girls did things like that. Guys didn't sit down and think about their feelings and shit. LOL

Newt said...

ha ha ha - I got rid of all my journals. I wish I hadn't especially since they make such great blog fodder.

Joshua said...

Great stuff! I don't have any sisters so I never got to read a teenage girl journal.

Good stuff!!!!!!!!!