Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How's It Humpin?

I've had a hard time lately posting early, but I'm at least making my daily post as vowed when I decided to participate in the April "NaBloPoMo" daily post-athon. :) Here we are already half done, because April is zooming along so fast. Lots going on this week, just been a little busy so bear with me. I'll try to get around and catch up on visiting maybe tomorrow! Meanwhile...

Today's "letter" is a note-to-self, I guess you could say. Wrote it to Me this morning upon starting the day.

Dear Me,

When you finally wake up, I'll be gone. So I am leaving you this list of things to do today. As it is Hump Day and I know how much of a lazy-ass you are, I thought I would give you a break and let you do something I felt you might be able to handle.

All you need to do today is the following:
  1. Get Out Of Bed.
  2. Survive.
  3. Go Back To Bed.

How's that for generous?? I'll see you whenever... maybe tonight if you're lucky.


Yeah... makes as much sense as anything else today... Happy Hump Day to you all! And for my valued subscribers, Happy Thursday and thanks for being subscribers.

Stay safe (and sane-hehe) everyone!


Further on up the road said...

well you've achieved a lot more than that already as you've made me smile.... thanks.

Awa said...

See! I made it! :) Finally got a break from work. It's almost the weekend, yeeee-UH!!