Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Love

Sometimes as I was saying yesterday Life can seem "out to get you". (If you read my long and worthy post-if not, GET READING!!). Yes, Life can seem so ironic or cruel...
BUT--It's Officially the weekend-yeah! I'm happy about that, It takes the edge off. Still, it always feels like the weekend's fleeting before my very eyes... I hope to paint some this weekend, and I need to head down to Mom's house and check on them, and help with my niece's computer.

Yesterday, our next-door neighbors' son (red head kid), came by to let us know he was intending to have a party tonight, and wanted to make sure it was o.k. if some people parked alongside the curve partly past our yard. He's always been a good kid, we said that's cool... We're noisy ourselves alot of the time. So I guess we'll see the block descended upon by some 16 year olds come nightfall. That should be interesting.

Funny thing is, on my way to the store first thing this morning, I found 3 rolls of toilet paper sitting in the edge of my yard, tucked right next to my buttercups... I wonder what that's all about. I confiscated them of course. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend... here is Bonnie Raitt singing "Love Letter". Enjoy!


Jay said...

I would definitely be crashing that party.

BBC said...

The song reminded me of 'Writing Love Letters In The Sand'

I can't make it to that party but I may go to the beer church this afternoon.

cappy. said...

larson! just love him!

yah boo sucks for moving the bog roll!