Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Smooth or Rough (WWC)

T is for Tink!

Dear Tink:

Please excuse Jackie for being late to the Weekly Words Challenge, she had explosive diarrhea.


Jackie's Id

Oh I'm joking... in no way did I have explosive diarrhea today, or any other type of diarrhea for that matter. I have always wanted to write an "excuse" like that, so I took my chance!

The truth is, I had a long, busy day and I am covering applications while someone is out on vacation this week, and then we were back in recording with My Band, SAP tonight, so I haven't even had time to sit down and gather my thoughts!!

My apologies for the late entry... as well, it's not going to be a very big one this week... still, I hope you enjoy.

These photos of the buttercups in my yard are pretty Smooth
(or as best as I can do for Smooth!)

I caught a pretty 'smooth' angle anyway!

This Sign welcoming you to Mississippi is just past a very rough neighborhood.

Finally, I unveil my abstract painting, "The Wrath",
which I think is hideously, sickeningly rough... Don't worry,
my next painting is going to really kick ass... I swear!
(cuz I am just getting warmed up!)

That's all for this week ladies and gentlemen... go to bed and get your rest for Hump Day, coming up tomorrow! Who knows what could happen...

see more crazy cat pics


Anonymous said...

I saw those buttercups and thought they were ROUGH daffodils at first...but then I realized, wow, those are some SMOOTH macro shots! Way to go!
PS: nice painting :)

R.E.H. said...

Well played this week. I didn't get mine up at all... not yet anyway!

g-man said...

What are you talking about you did a great job. I really liked the flowers, and I though that the painting was colorful. I'm sure I have a way less critical eye for paintings.

Have fun recording!!

Tink said...

You're excused. :P

Are you kidding me? Those flower shots are AWESOME. Seriously. That second one is frameable.

Jay said...

Those flower pictures are great!

And that painting is wild! I love it!

Aunt Jackie said...

Kcinnova, Thank you!

R.E.H. Well that's o.k., I've missed one before totally, I always look forward to seeing yours.

Gman! Thanks, well I know what I'm striving for in the paintings, but it will be better next time!

Tink! Thanks, maybe I should frame that one. I thought it was interesting.

Thanks Jay! Maybe that's what I should send you, a painting (when I get one I'm proud of).