Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let My Voice Be Heard?

Dear Blog Readers,

It is April 30th, that means I have SUCCESSFULLY completed the NaBloPoMo challenge for 30 posts in 30 days. The April theme was "Letters", as you may or may not recall. I did my best to make most of my posts about letters, or something related to that... using my own creative license. Thanks to everyone who read with me through April, and reads and comments too, I always welcome newcomers, and want my regular 'blog family' to know how much they are appreciated!

So tomorrow begins May and I have decided to try to participate in the MAY edition... May's theme is going to be "Voices". This opens up quite interesting possibilities. I could include sound clips of things, or I could creatively interpret voices in my writings, OR--now get this, ORRR I could actually put in podcasts of my voice reading out my content.

So what do you think?? Are you ready for May NaBloPoMo?? It will be "31 posts in 31 Days"... Can I get an A-men?? :)

Aunt Jackie


JINKS said...

A-men sista......

Aunt Jackie said...

YAYYYY JINKS!!! I can always count on you. What I actually meant to say though, was can I can a truck full of men?? Hot ones... Firemen. Ohh just joking :)

Jay said...

Voices is a pretty good theme. You could post some audio clips to great speeches or funny shit and stuff like that. Too much effort for me, but you could do it. LOL ;-)

Freakazojd said...

Yeah, what a great theme, "voices"...especially for you! :) I love the podcast idea...any chance you could sing for us too?

(Also, did someone say "firemen"? Because me likey...)