Saturday, April 05, 2008

B Is For Breakfast!

Dearest Friday,

I'm sorry but I love Saturday more than I love you. It's true. Saturdays I can wake up anytime I want and I can just do nothing and have nobody so much as call my name. So Friday, I will continue to see Saturday as long as I can, and if you can't deal with that then maybe we were never going to make it anyway.

But I think we can make this work... besides, you are such a player yourself. I don't see how you can be even remotely upset.

See you next week!


(the most important meal of the day)

Ah yes, Saturdays. I'm coming to you straight from my favorite green Recliner, feet propped up, huge cup of freshly brewed coffee, it's later than breakfast by now, but I totally have to share my breakfast experience with you. I made my full pot of coffee, and I whipped up a lovely batch of Whole Wheat, Flaxseed Pancakes, pictured below with delicious honey on top. A note about honey: I'm sure everyone knows, but if you don't, Always try to buy honey that was made as near where you live as possible, because it is extremely effective in helping you with your allergies. As springtime is upon us, I'm sure you could use all the help possible.

The pancakes were delicious, and the coffee was tasty... I added just a little bit of hazelnut coffeemate (not the purest ingredients, but what the hell), and a natural plant sweetener called Stevia (buy it in the vitamin/supplement area of the grocery store). It's really good and basically nothing but fiber.

Try them yourself! Here's The Recipe!!

Hey, I know we all die from something, but striving to find ways to make our lives healthier and to feel better couldn't hurt. We might as well try to make the best of it, right? Staying active, doing things that you enjoy doing (as much as possible) can help make our journey worthwhile... So eat what you like. Even overindulge once in a while, but everything in moderation (as my Mom always says), and smile... always! Smiling might pass some joy along to the next person who needs it, and besides, if you hold a smile long enough, and make extended eye-contact, you can freak out your enemies pretty well! ;)

Thanks for popping by! Enjoy your day.


Jay said...

Mmmmmmm ... pancakes!

I have a local honey supplier. I call a number that goes to a pager and then he calls me back and I put in my order. Next thing you know a sweet little honey shows up at my door ... oh wait.

Yeah, honey. Always buy the honey from the local farmer's market. It's much better! Good advice there. ;-)

Blondie said...

I'm dying as I look at those pictures of pancakes...
I'm low-carbing currently and can't have any! Oooooooo, I almost licked my computer screen!

What a freak!

Mad Hatter said...

O.K. im going to the cafe' in the morning. It's not often that I get a chance to eat a good breakfast. I love pancakes/coffee/eggs/burned sausage. I will have to try the honey on the pancakes.

R.E.H. said...

Those pancakes look delicious! I will have to try that recipe.

Funny, I just posted a recipe myself today... seems to be the thing to do these days!

BBC said...

Sounds good, maybe I'll try them.

I cooked up an omelet this morning. With spuds, sausage and cheese in it.

What's on my mind? Crazy shit. :-)