Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wind and Five (WWC)

Good Day All! And a Happy Earth Day Too. It's not a bad one here in the Muddy River City. I noticed that that down by Tom Lee Park, they are starting the set-up for our soon-to-be Memphis In May Festival, this year celebrating the country of "Turkey". The yearly event kicks off with the Beale Street Music Festival. Looks like an interesting line-up this year... I might have to go! If you're planning a trip sometime soon, May is an eventful month to try it out.

Other than that, I had salad for lunch, trying to make it through the day and get my WWC stuff together... yeah! Supposed to do more vocal recording tonight, and that's really all I have to say today. Just not a very interesting gal today. I would go into my dreams the last couple of days, they've been vivid and very strange, but really not interesting enough to detail. I'll just say this, the most memorable part of last night's dream was that I was in some store, a weird big store reminiscent of the department stores of the 1940s or 50s, or the way I might imagine them, and I was with Howard Stern, and we were trying on dresses and putting on very fake blond wigs (Yes, Howard was doing this along with me, I know creepy, right?). Next thing I knew, I was 'Speed Jogging' down the main highway in my hometown... barefoot. I don't know why. I do recall that some of the road had rocks on it and I wasn't very happy about that. Honestly, that's the most significant part of my dreams last night I could even mention.

O.k., anyways, on to today's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC), brought to us by our lovely friend Tink (Pickled Beef). This week's words are "Five" and "Wind"... Here's the Slideshow (I added some 'bonus' pics to the end-ENJOY!!

If you can't view the slideshow, Click Here.

On an EXTREMELY JEALOUS NOTE, my coworker, a photographer recently did some charity work which resulted in a hot photographic opportunity. A couple who is getting married in Negril, Jamaica is FLYING him there, and putting him up in a hotel for two nights. He and his family are going to take full advantage of that, and then stay a week afterwards (of their own accord) for vacation... Who says that charity doesn't pay?? :) Karma at its best huh... Anyways, last night on the T.V. Channel "G4", they had a special about "Negril", talking about how weed and mushrooms are legal there, and that they can get the stuff practically ANYWHERE, they were showing these coves where people dive into the water and some of the locals from trees up to 100 ft in the air. Quite impressive, and some of these local guys are strong--Swinging from trees and doing "pull ups" with ONE ARM at this height preparing to dive... I think I lost my groove, and somehow it ended up in Jamaica... may need to go there and retrieve it... LMAO! Here's a vid of the jumps. You guys enjoy your Tuesday!

Music and Jumping, Rick's Cafe, Negril, Jamaica


BBC said...

Looks like those monkeys in the video were having a good time.

Dreams are often just your brain free to play with itself without you trying to control it. They don't really mean anything but they can get interesting.

I like to let my brain play with itself.

g-man said...

Dreams are F'ed up vehicles.

Lucky dude who gets to do that shoot. That is a gig I'd be in to totally.

To answer your question, I am here, but in the background. I'm groovin on your shots, especially the "Rockin' five" and the "find the five", well done.

Jay said...

You rocked the WWC this week babe! I love the little kid cranking up the music.

Cool dream. Howard Stern in drag and a blonde wig. I can see that!

So, when are we running off to Jamaica? It's closer and cheaper than the Netherlands and the weather is better. Not to mention the beaches! ;-)

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

BBC: Yeah you're right, they looked like they were having a blast. I can't swim and don't like those kind of heights, so I would be out on the cliff dive... But I could do with the nature and beaches and getting down to earth in some beautiful scenic place. I let my brain and the rest of me play whenever possible!

G-man: Dreams, yeah... weird. I believe they are some sort of alternate realities, and I believe that some of your dream work is even out of body experiences, you know the ones.

Jay: Thanks! Yeah was odd dreamin.
Jamaica Mahnn! I'm there dude! NOW :)

Anonymous said...

Terrific shots!
And your nephew is a cutie :)

Chatty said...

love the flag and waves on water especially - and that nephew - what a doll!

Further on up the road said...

What is in the salad to give you dreams like that?

R.E.H. said...

Damn, I don't get to hang out with celebrities even in my dreams... maybe that's a good thing from the sound of it ;)

Great pictures this week, and fun video too!

Anonymous said...

"them dukes...them dukes..."

Tink said...

That's so weird that we both took pictures of koi. What's the odds of that happening? :)

I loved the cloud picture! Cracked my ass up. The monument shot was good and I loved the picture of your nephew. Well played.


Your nephew may be a cutie but not half as much as you ;-)

Stayin' wi' Dinners blog after all.

The clouds are gone.

Ta for bein a pal babe xx

....not sure where my brain is....

Newt said...

Very nice WWC!!!! Loved all of them.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Everybody!!!