Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time Sure Flies...

When you're having fun? When you're not having fun... when you're not even looking. Time flies (it seems, this time that we ourselves have created and made such a huge part of our reality here). It's so odd though, I was digging through my unorganized junk looking for something in particular, and ran across my journals from when I was like 14-16 years old. It's quite a ride to read this blast from the past.

I think I might share some of it, as it is very interesting to see my feelings and points of view from that age, and then the way I seem now. Sometimes I still think I haven't changed that much, except I am a better writer now, and can get my points across with more 'intent'. Maybe that's because my mind isn't flooded with such horrible "crushes" and such as they were when I was that age! :)

O.k. this is still in the vein of "Letters" I guess since it is about like "Dear Diary"... So take this little journey back in time with me and laugh a little. It is a slight bit embarassing now, looking back... but I guess everyone likes to go back in time every once in a while, if not to see how far we've come at least to laugh a little.

Oh, if you do choose to go forward and read this, remember I was just 14, and also try to go easy on me about my crush on the guys from Duran Duran. ;)

Jackie's Private Journal - Entry #1 - 3/11/85

Just took a bath! How about that? Ha! Ha! It's March 11th and it's Springtime (almost!) It's getting time to be romantic again!

I have my eye on nobody special at the moment but I'll try to work on something.
It don't really feel anything for Roger Taylor of Duran Duran right now, or maybe anymore! That would be great!! That little crush was really "crushing". You know, I'm almost 15, and as I see it right now crushes are really yucky! Your symptoms for a really heartbreaking crush are:

  1. Your "attracted" to this person.

  2. You think you're really + truly in love with (him) and won't ever love another.

  3. Think of this person night and day + dream of spending the "rest of your life with them".

  4. Everytime you're near the (guy) you get a real clumsy spell put on you.

  5. You'll drop everything you touch, talk in a squeaky nervous voice, and do some of he dumbest things that normally you wouldn't think of even thinking when you're trying to attract their attention.
Well Summer's on the way and each season brings a different feeling to remember. We're on Spring Holidays... and I'm enjoying it so much!! Until Next Time! Jackie

I might post more of my journal and let you guys in on my very early blogging, you know "blogging" before I had internet... that is, if you find it even remotely entertaining... and it does get sillier and better.


Jay said...

That's pretty funny how 14 year olds are so serious about "the person I'll spend the rest of my life with." That person changes every three days when your that age. LOL

More journal entries!

Aunt Jackie said...

Yeah, that's the funny thing on my journal is that it seemed that I was "In Total Love" with a different guy nearly every week!! haha!!

You want more journal entries huh? Ok, well I think that would be fun to journey through my teen thoughts! lol

Here we go!

Thanks Jay man!!