Thursday, April 03, 2008

Love Letters

Today, I'm keeping it simple... and in keeping with the April NaBloPoMo Theme of "Letters", I thought I would dig back into Music's grand archives and present some Classic songs about Love Letters.

1. Elvis Presley - Love Letters (Straight From Your Heart)

2. Patsy Cline - Love Letters In The Sand

There you go, hope you enjoy those. Not everyone enjoys older music, I am pretty eclectic myself. I say you can't be a musician of any substance without studying and at least "giving respect" to our musical forefathers. We wouldn't be anything without them.

Lastly, it's not really Friday (since it is Thursday), but Thursday happens to be my 'technical Friday' this week, since we have the MLK holiday tomorrow... the City-observed holiday. So 3 day weekend for me, for everyone else, T.I.N.F., eh?

Savage Chicken

Don't forget, participating in NaBloPoMo, I have to post daily throughout April, so I'll be here every day, posting something. Whether you are here with me, on my journey through the "letters" theme or now, I am wishing you all lots of Love and a great weekend! -AJ


Jay said...

I love Patsy Kline. Not much of an Elvis fan though.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I love Pat ... and the chicken!

Mad Hatter said...

I love Elvis love songs, Are you lonesome tonight is one of my favorites. I also get a kick out of the comic version of this song.

BBC said...

Elvis and Patsy were great, I've always liked them. Have you seen the movie "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" It's a good Elvis movie.