Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ramble On

Dear AJ,

Since you haven't just sat down and "rambled" for a while, I thought I would make the suggestion to you that you write about whatever is on your mind right now without trying to make any sense of it. It might actually help your writer's block, and also help relax you a bit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Dear Bizarro,

Hi, I guess you are right. Who cares if I really have anything interesting to say, I should just "go with it" and let it flow. Thanks for your suggestion. You enjoy the rest of your weekend too... somehow I know that you will.


O.k. so I talk to myself sometimes, and I even answer myself. I don't care, I know I'm crazy but maybe being crazy makes me sane! Right? At least I enjoy the conversations, which is saying something these days, when finding intelligible conversations with others is extremely rare (it does happen, and you guys know who you are).

Anyways, I finished up 3 songs during my recording time, but I still have a long way to go. I really want to fix these songs up so that they really sound cool... So there are still samples and keyboards to add after the vocal too. I usually dread having to go, wishing I could do other things, but I must admit once I got in and got the groove going, I enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

So I am supposed to go on and rant about the rest of what's on my mind, huh. I used to be very good at that. I used to keep a diary, starting when I was a teenager, about 15 years old I guess. I kept a big binder with loose leaf notebook paper and wrote as much as as on my mind. Back then, it was usually about boys and my crushes on them, and how I liked one guy this week and two weeks later I was totally in love with another boy. I guess the content progressed as I went along and had more serious "crushes" and affairs, then eventually I sort of stopped carrying on that particular journal altogether.

After that, my poetry and my stories and things worked well and I enjoyed it even more. Still, once I discovered blogging, it was cool because it was like journaling, and I could indulge my poetry whims and also write stories when I wanted to, so it's kind of the best of all worlds in a way... And the people are cool too, of course!

In other news, I am still having heinous bouts of road rage and I don't know why I can never calm down. While behind the wheel, I spout of an almost constant stream of obscenities that would put fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned Cussing Aficionado. I don't totally understand why. I try daily to improve my attitude and to practice all of that "projected happiness" and how everything you do or think affects the world around you, but it fades away on the highway.

If that is true, then it would indicate that I was creating my own sick-assed roadway and filling it with the stupidest, most disrespectful, asshole drivers there ever was. I would be the one painting my own road rage masterpiece, complete with the Sunday Drivers that I seem to get behind even on Monday - Saturday. Why would I do that to myself? If what we do and think really has that much to do with how our world really is, (you know our attitudes and all, shaping our world), then I need serious counseling! :)

So I have been watching a few movies between running around this weekend too, and I re-rented "Hearts In Atlantis" (another Stephen King story). I love that story, and I bought the book too for $4.00 at a used book store a couple weeks ago, and I haven't had the chance to start reading it yet. But this is the way I work. I will get obsessed with a movie's storyline, and watch it a few times and tackle the book. I did it with "Memoirs of A Geisha", as well as "The Notebook", so I intend to start reading "Hearts In Atlantis" very shortly. I bet the story will rock much more than the movie. One thing I have to note about Stephen King movies is that the music he usually puts into the soundtrack sticks in your head for days. If it's not "Only You" by The Platters, it's that song that is rather haunting called " Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny. Here's The Video

That's about all I have on my mind, but before I go let me do a few "Plugs" for some things... I am happy to report that Beefcake (formerly of the blog "Words From Illustrious Beefcake Almighty") is back and his usual rockin-the-hand-of-doom self with his brand new blog, "Words From The Hands of Doom". If you knew him before, go by and say hello. If you never knew him, check him out. He's honest, he's hardcore, and he doesn't give a F**k. Cool dude.

As well, I would like to remind everyone of my friend's Candle company. She and her father make these hand-poured sensations, called Castle Delites. Visit the website for a list of fragrances of candles they offer, as well as their essential oils, and special type candles. These are not your average candle. They smell exactly like the scent advertised. You pick out "Leather" scented candle, it is just like Leather. And then she offers an "Eliminator" candle that I highly recommend. It is a candle that doesn't 'scent' up the room, but eliminates odors, and is very effective.

So please check them out, she's had a lot going on lately and would appreciate your business and friendship. The candles as I said before are deliciously fragrant, and effective and quite reasonably priced.

If you live near Memphis, they are always at various flea-market booths and shows around the Mid-South, and online too. OR--If you don't live near, you can STILL ORDER them ONLINE (via PayPal). You can visit their website, and add her as a MySpace friend... Simply go: -or-
Castle Delites on MySpace

Thanks for being you everybody... AJ


Jay said...

Crazy chicks who cuss a lot are always hot. ;-)

Traffic doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to. I've transfered my annoyance at traffic to other things I guess. haha

Aunt Jackie said...

LOL!! Jay :)
You're the sweetest Viking I know.(Not that I know many Vikings). hehe.

If you lived in Memphis, traffic would piss you the fuck off big time... I guess. Or maybe I'm just an intolerant heinous biotch. :*

Cindi said...

I talk to myself all the time too!

Ohhh I love candles! I have bookmarked your friend's website and will be sure to check it out.

Trying to do catch up here on reading my favorite blogs. :-)

BBC said...

Blogs are just specks of dust so it doesn't make much difference what you put on them because such a small percentage of the world population ever sees it.

In other words, you don't matter.

Obviously, neither do I.

Further on up the road said...

I used to get road rage a lot. I've really worked on it. The general answer is there is nothing I can do to change the situation so live with it.

not easy but much easier on the mind if you find a mantra or something to calm yourself when ever the blood starts to boil. Over time it can get better.

You do matter if you just make another person see something in a different light that is a worthwhile thing.

Kim said...

WOW!!!! Thanks for the free advertising!! Word of mouth, or word of word in this case, is the best advertisement we have!!
I agree with further on up the person makes it worth it.