Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sunday Funday Rundown

It's raining here today, and I was planning to visit my Mom and Dad but got a late start, had to go to the grocery store first, and then cook late breakfast. With the rain (supposed to be happening all day pretty much), I'll probably put off until next weekend when I can maybe plan a better visit and spend more time.

Upon returning from the grocery store, we had a "Wasp Catastrophe". While Richie and I were putting away the groceries, I spotted a wasp hanging out on the curtain. (If you never knew this about me, just know that I have an intense wasp phobia that stems from childhood and includes any flying 'stinging' type insect).

"Oh F****** J**us G*d!!!" I shout, and go darting out the door.

This leaves Richie looking around going "WTF?!?!". He says "W**t is it?"

I scream "WAAAAASSSPP!!!!" lol Then Richie comes running out the door too. Then I pretty much tell him that there's no way I can bend on this issue, he has to go in and take care of the situation. So he goes in, and refuses to go near enough to the wasp to get the 'Wasp Spray' out of the cabinet, so as soon as he found where the wasp had landed, and was semi-dormant, I crawled cautiously over to the cabinet and grabbed some spray, and hurriedly took it back to him, then went back outside the screen door to wait. Once I nearly slammed him in the door and he was like 'WTF?!? Why were you trying to lock me in there with the wasp??' and I said, "I didn't mean to!! I can't help it, I panicked!!!' It was total pandemonium really!

Long story short, it wasn't very effective spray, Richie ended up spraying down the kitchen with the pesticide. So I had to pretty much wash down everything that got coated, and mop the floor again. Then we FINALLY had a late breakfast at like 12:30 in the afternoon... It's o.k., we survived.

So anyways, yeah it's Sunday and I thought it would be cool to share a bit more of my age fourteen journals (one of my best buddies, Jay from Cynical Bastard liked the journal entries alot... Kind of fun. So, o.k., pop your popcorn, turn down the lights, here we go for more teen silliness (blushing).

**Disclaimer: Yes I really do realize that some of the things that I used to write were quite weird and nutty. I admit I have always been a bit of an oddball, but I think that's the artist in me, as well as growing up mostly like an 'only child'.**

Jackie's Private Journal - Entry #1 (continued) - 3/11/85

Hello again! I'm bored so I thought I'd write some more.

Lately, I've been interested in guys' butts! Isn't that hilarious? It's crazy what things go through your mind as a teenager.

Sometimes I hate school + sometimes I like it! It's weird!

My worst teenaged year so far is 13. It was terrible! I was a teenager but I couldn't do anything anybody else did! And just being 13 was a nightmare. It's not a bowl of cherries being 14 either! I'm hoping 15 will bring an abundant supply of happiness + fulfillment. So I will feel complete. I hope 15 will bring a very happy + satisfying year ahead of me.

Sure 13 + 14 bring off and on spells of joy but that's what I want to feel everyday! I think that would be the perfect way to feel every day of my life! [why was I always bulleting things? lol]
  1. A warm feeling in my heart!

  2. Rosy thoughts.

  3. A feeling of complete happiness.
That's the only way I can describe it! If I could feel that way all my life I'd be "Content".

I hope everybody at least once in their life could feel that way. It's a really beautiful feeling!

You know, I think I'll be able to sleep better now that I've expressed my thoughts for the day completely! Thanks paper for listening. It was nice speaking to you!

Lylap (ha! ha!) [WTF?]
Jackie Cutler (a girl) [uh, yeah??]

Yep, sweet dreams young Jackie... I think we can all sleep a little better too knowing that you're out there guarding our childhood with such a magical and imaginative fervor. ;)


BBC said...

It rained a bit here today but it wasn't too bad. I made a pretty good sausage meat loaf, it will last three days. Worked at Rick's shop some and on my camper a bit and fucked off a lot.

Wasps don't bother me generally, I pretty much ignore them. Even if one does sting you it may hurt like hell but not for to long.

Actually they are pretty friendly and won't sting you unless they feel threatened.

Aunt Jackie said...

That sounds like an all-around nice day... Cool.

Wasps, man... it started when I was about 2 years old. Was covered by a Yellow Jacket colony when my folks disturbed it while mowing grass. They covered me from head to toe. Stung only once on the index finger.

Not sure why, but I have a horrible phobia... I can't deal with stinging insects. I can count the # of times I've been stung, which is even odder. I guess I've been lucky... Friendly? I don't know, I've witnessed several people to get swarmed when they hadn't even done something, maybe someone else made them mad. They've always seemed pretty aggressive to me.

Jay said...

I really hate wasps! They are evil! They must die! Each and every one of them!

Life is no bowl of cherries for a 14 year old. LOL .. Oh the perils we faces when we were young. Life was full of drama. ;-)

BBC said...

Honey bees will hurt you a lot more than wasps will.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Have you ever left a can of pop outside and then had a wasp climb inside? I DRANK one by accident ... (bleeachthhh)

Love you journal! Guys butts, aye?? LOL!!

Have a super week Jackie :-)

Further on up the road said...

Killed a huge wasp in my shed yesterday.

Tink said...

Dude, I'm STILL waiting for those things! ;)

I love old journal entries. More please.

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes Jay! Wasps suck totally!!!

BBC! Hmmmm, I will do without them all! :) The honey bees though< i don't want them to die... just not to sting me.

Speedy, haven't swallowed one. THank gawd!

Further! This one was huge too.

Tink! I'm gonna post a series of them as long as I feel cool with it... thanks!