Sunday, December 16, 2007

un-FUR-gettable Forget FUR!!

I'm multi-faceted, and I know alot of campaigns go around about different stuff, but this one I just wanted to shed a bit more light on... This is senseless, and sad and cruel. I know that some of you will be touched and agree with me on this, and some will not, but realize just how inhumane the practices of the fur industry are. It's sick. I won't wear it, I won't buy it... I hope if you have a different opinion you might at least take a look and open up your eyes too.

Please check out the following information... for me. It's important to me, and so are these animals.

State of The Fur Industry (from Fur Is Dead)

Please watch this alarming (graphic) video on a Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms, and read More About Chinese Fur Farms Here.
Preview of page. Please take a moment of your time just to read and be aware. I sincerely thank you. If you can find it in your heart to care and try to help in some way, please do. Animals need all the help they can get. x



Karen said...

I cannot say that I am pro or against fur. I don't really wear it, but my mom did and I don't have a moral objection to it. I just find it funny when people say the way the animals are treated is "inhumane". Well, duh. They are not humans.

I didn't mean to make lite (or light??) of a topic you are passionate about, but it is just something that has always struck me as funny.

katy said...

AJ i with you on this, i cant look at the poster, i cant watch the tv ads, it really gets me that upset.
hope you are having a good weekend AJ

Aunt Jackie said...

Karen: The honest definition of the word "Inhumane" is less about "Humans" than one would think: Inhumane: lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion; "humans are innately inhumane; this explains much of the misery and suffering in the world";

Sorry to say it, but if anyone can not feel for these animals or feel something when they see them get bashed in the head, or have their skin ripped off, then it falls into that category... We think just because we are a more "intelligent" species that we have a right to force every other species under us to suffer great torture? It's disgusting... Animals are helpless, and humans are cruel and sadistic for the most part.

It would strike me as funny if there were more "coats of human flesh" being sold. "Ha-ha-ha".

Katy, I understand it is all hard to watch... for those who care that much, or it gets them that upset, maybe putting a word or two into the companies that abide this type of treatment could help. It can't hurt... Every bit counts.

R.E.H. said...

It is horrible the way these animals are treated. The abuse and torture, which some of these people working in these environments seem to indulge in "just for fun".

That is the problem that I have with it - be it fur or food. I do not have anything against the use of wearing fur, nor eating meat. But, animals should not have to suffer the way they do.

Anonymous said...

It's really inhumane, still no hard feelings for those who can't accept it

Jay said...

I can't stand to watch animals be abused or mistreated.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Sad I say.

g-man said...

I cant stand to watch abuse. No one I know wears fur. Fur (and killing animals) has its place, when it is used for survival. Beyond that, i think is just cruel.

Jay Cam said...

wow thats sriously messed up!
and all this just for some people to wear fur?!

if i had a bozooka and was in china, some people would get a ass-kicking!

Blondie said...

I won't watch the video...
I can't handle animal cruelty, and images like those likely in this clip will haunt my thoughts.

I try to keep my over-sensetivity for animals in check, considering I eat meat, but I certainly won't condone the killing of animals for fashion.

Unless, of course, you live in the wilderness, kill for food, and use the fur for shelter. Fine.
But, I doubt that anyone in this spoiled country have that type of problem.

Soap box finished.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie for posting this. It has really been on my mind the past couple of weeks and I hope the more people that see this video of how these animals are treated and killed{for some not even that while being skinned}will help put a stop to the demand for fur. The raccoon fur is in high demand and that means more of these beautiful creatures are being kept in horrible conditions then brutally skinned for their fur in the name of money and vanity.People that wear fur only look mean,vain and heartless to me. This isn't the old days where fur was used as survival. Its about ethics and a person does not have to care about animals to see this is wrong. We should stand up and let these other countries know that we have more class than to skin a living,FEELING being while still alive. This goes for any animal being held prisoner and then executed in a sadistic way.
Cats and dogs are also victims of the fur trade in China. They have it just as bad over there. You could be wearing so called Faux Fur right now at this minute and really it is cat or dog. Go read about it.

Please help.

Anonymous said...

This is Jackie's friend Tamra by the way. LOL