Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

Holy Bejesus I just realized with Christmas and all that I totally missed yesterday, Tuesday, that's right... the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC)" (Tink I'm sorry!! Geez I'm freaking out now, 2 weeks in a row?? Maybe I can do a belated, make-up WWC, then get back on track next week!! :(

Well, anyway I was going to say... I fell down to this Earth from Heaven (and yes it did sting a little) right as summer was stepping on stage. Sounds like a lovely time to be born, but as I have said before , I rarely had attendees at my birthday parties because people were on their summer vacations and out of town a lot. I got used to it, and of course I had a couple of good parties growing up. However, I can imagine it is even harder to have a birthday the day after Christmas. I have a sister who was born on just such a day, today! I have sent her something to uplift her day, and a card...

Deb I know you don't read this, but I hope you have a wonderful day.

Christmas has come to a close, and now we're looking on towards a brand new year... I wasn't even used to THIS year yet and already it's getting changed on me again. Well I trust everyone had at least a day or two off to enjoy with family, and whatever celebrations that you honor. Ours went nicely, had to stuff mine and my Inlaws all into one day because of someone having to work on Christmas day. This is not the usual. Normally, I get to spend Christmas Eve night at home with Mom and Dad and wake up on Christmas morning there, do the Inlaw thing on Christmas Day. I don't like my routines messed with much, but I dealt with it.

So Christmas Day was spent at home, just Mr. J and me... we played some World of Warcraft, we found a Chinese buffet that was open. Around this area, they practically roll up the streets and most everything is closed down on a holiday. The only other thing I know for sure is that IHOP was open... but we weren't feeling quite like pancakes. Thank goodness for Buddhism, right? :) The buffet was good, and once we were stuffed to the gills (well, not really that bad-I actually didn't overdo it too much), we came home played a little more WoW and hit the sack early enough to hit the gym at dawn. We did our dead lifts, chest press, seated rows, tricep-some'n-oranother, and leg machine, then cardio (elliptical) for 30 minutes... So I guess that's pretty notable for the day after Christmas. Now I'm back to the grind and all.

This coming Friday (12/28) is my 6th Anniversary being chained to Mr. J's ankle. (Jokingly) So I have requested that we go have dinner and commemorate that. Last year, we didn't really recognize it at all, which is odd since it was like a 5-year marker... It's so strange for me sometimes thinking I have been married 6 years now. That, like everything else, has zapped by at the speed of sound... All in all it's been a good 6 years, even though being all grown up and married wasn't really something either of us had planned in our lives. Life comes flying at us most times like a fast ball, and you have to decide for yourself whether to dodge, catch it or hit a home run, right? Everything happens for a reason. I'm lucky to have made it through what I have, and still have my wits about me (the jury is still out on that, btw). Mr. J is lucky as well, to have landed such a striking enchantress of a vixen... if I do say so myself. ;)

Happy Hump Day once again... AJ

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Jay said...

Having a birthday the day AFTER Christmas would suck balls.

You didn't miss WWC! It was moved to Wednesday just this week! There's still time! ;-)