Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Right There, Don't Stop

Wow, the holiday buzz. It's making me crazy. We've had so much going on around work, and the holiday party last week, then I got stuck with the pleasure of coordinating the other "departmental" snack party and "Dirty Santa" game... Then a multitude of other "assignments" that don't really fall under the realm of my job description... How is it again that I get chosen for all these things?? Someone needs to tell me... maybe it's that problem I have of saying "No".

So today is drawing to a close, and I'm supposed to meet a friend tonight in Midtown, a high school friend who I haven't seen in some time. We're going to play "Catch Up", and she's going to show me a little bit about "Reiki"... she's a Reiki master... I've been interested in this for a while and recently found out that she was into it... So after that, I'm taking the day off tomorrow to be with my best buddy, "Best Mate", friend, blood sister, all that... Tamra. We're going to do our Christmas Thang, exchange gifts and have lunch together and girl talk, and all that jazz. Really looking forward to that since we don't get to spend nearly enough time together these days.

Another update, last night my little nephew who just turned 1 year old a couple weeks ago went into the hospital with 105 degree fever, and what looked like either Staph or spider bite (which can start out looking very similar). They were having trouble getting his fever down, and I don't have an update on that today yet, so I need to check in on that situation too.

Now, for something that totally bothered me, and I think it would all women... Last night, I showed Mr. J a video by "The Foo Fighters" (I'm sure you're familiar with them, if not I'm Linking The Video Here, so Click And Watch It so you can truly understand).

I showed him this video, not because I really liked the song (I like some Foo Fighters music, not all)... but more so because I thought the video was hilarious and Dave Grohl was just funny in it to me. He had some 70s porn hairdo and mustache, and he was just cheesing it up big time... I think he does that a lot in fact. So instead of noticing the funny stuff about the video, or liking the song or something, do you know what Mr. J says?? Do you??? He says, "Hey look at that, you and Dave Grohl have the same hairdo." I stopped the video... "Are you Serious?!?" I say, in shock.

"What's wrong with that?" he replied.

What's wrong with that?!? Did he honestly not know?? Well, I don't understand what it is with men sometimes--I know you guys see things much differently than we do. But just watch that video, I beg you... and tell me that saying Dave Grohl and I share the same hairdo doesn't deserve him getting his block knocked off... I go to great lengths to make sure that my hair does NOT resemble a 70s Male Pornstar hairdo, and then to go and have all that shot right out from under me... ARRGH!! I could just smack him... o.k... end of rant.

If you do watch the video, see it for what it is... cheesy and laugh at Dave's acting and humor in the video. :)

Finally, let me say that I have been struggling trying to get to all of your blogs and have made it through a few today as I had time... it's just been one thing after another for me. It'll simmer down some after all these holidays and such... If I haven't made it by yours, I swear I will soon and don't let that keep you away from me, my beloved blog Amigos!

Happy Hump Day, hope you are all well.


Jay Cam said...

if all men were like me the world would be an awesome place!

hope your nephew pulls through!

Jay said...

"maybe it's that problem I have of saying "No"

Something about that line that made me feel all tingly inside. ;-)

Hope your nephew is doing better!

Dan said...

Hey Jaxxx, I hope all turns out well with your nephew!

I didn't watch the video because I'm on my stupid laptop that doesn't have good video capabilities.

Merry Christmas Jaxxx!! Hugs!

katy said...

reapeat after me NO NO NO ok now just keep practising!
have a great day with your friend.
Hope your little nephew gets better real soon AJ.
take care, have some fun and enjoy your day

Further on up the road said...

ROFL at the harido comment!!!

So funny.

See for years women in my life said - "Be honest with women that's how to be successful." So I was - and I got a similar response..... :-)

ZigZagMan said...

Wishes of well to the nipper...

You say having 70's porn hair is a bad thing?? :)

Karen said...

Most men are clueless. That was a horrible thing to say.

Hope your nephew is doing better.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hope all is better with your nephew today.

Girl, you've gotta learn the NO word! Or, I'm really busy today, maybe Susie can help you with that stupid shit?

Have fun with the girlfriend! Sounds like a fun day planned!

Joel said...

Maybe that was a little bad humor!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Dirty Santa?? Ha haa!! What the heck is that... I claim ignorance on this one.
Shoot, I can't watch the video because I have dial up at home (gulp). To slowwww, and I like your hair. There's a change up!
I have been wild busy, it seems that work is always the busiest during the holidays. I haven't even bought any pressies yet. Nerve racking.
I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas, and thank you for all of your wonderful stories and insights here at your blog. Sorry I have not been over in a while :-)

Hope your time with friends is great... I'm sure it will be.

Cindi said...

I hope your little nephew is doing much better now!

I can't view the video because of my super slow dial-up. sucks having dial-up.

Re. the could be worse. When my daughter was a little girl, I had gotten a permanent on my short hair. Guess who's hair she said I had?
Conway Twitty! She giggled and told me I had a "Twitty Do". Ugh!