Thursday, December 27, 2007


Can't think of a better word for today than Lovely... It started off o.k., 2nd day in a row that Mr. J and I woke up and had our workout (not THAT you perverts! Went to the Gym!!). Then I was running fashionably late as usual, got behind every asshole that happened to be driving around this morning, and then hit a poor innocent bird with my car... I was changing lanes, he flew across, couldn't be helped... I was sad.

But the rest of the day, I've felt light hearted and upbeat since I had lunch with my best buddy Tamra, and her daughter Jess... We don't get to lunch often, so we always enjoy the opportunity. Thanks again guys! Then I got back from lunch, and had the supreme pleasure a call from one of my favorite English blog family members, Four Dinners (and his sweet daughter, Jax). They sounded so delightful, and we discussed all of the fun New Year's plans that everyone's got in store. I'm sure they got a giggle out of my accent as well. He just celebrated a birthday, and I wish him all the best... That family is tops in my book! Along with Cappy, and of course Barnze (after all he was my first... blogger that is! You're all cheeky!) ha-ha.

Seriously though, that was a wonderful surprise! Guys you made my day--I've already told you that though.

Finding it odd that it's Thursday already, the end-of-year holidays always throw us for a loop. Now, we still have the New Year's holiday, the Martin Luther King, Jr. day coming up in January. Hard to deal when these frequent ones have passed. I think February has one new one that we get a day off for (Presidents' Day), but then they are further apart. All holidays are great though, right?

And I must make note of a new quote I nabbed off Jink's blog. It just struck me as brilliant... lately. It goes like this: "Some people are like a Slinky... Not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs." I couldn't have said it better myself!

Stay tuned, I think I might bring you guys a story, it has been a while, I know. This one will be about my "First Kiss", Larry R. Gotta think how I'm going to present it... But I hope you will look forward and come back and read about it. This was back in my sweet and innocent days, right? That's got to count for something!! ha-ha. See you guys tomorrow for TGIF!


Jay said...

It's always great to get to spend some time with friends and talk with cheery people on the phone. They called all the way from England? That's really cool!

Aunt Jackie said...

True Jay!! So true... And yes, they did call me right from the U.K! Was a treat. :)


katy said...

that is really sweet of dinners

Barnze said...

Mrs B has been called lovely by me for years now..She is known as "L" by most folks..It always makes me smile when my mobile phone rings and the screen says Lovely calling.

i know i have said it before but Ain't love grand?