Friday, December 07, 2007

Dream A Little Dream

While it's quiet and I can think (perhaps before "Mr. Inside Voice" or his cellphone gets cranked up), I thought I would try an early entry.

Still slept well last night, and I did dream, but nothing 'sci-fi level' this time. It was basic, and was pretty vivid during the dreaming, but not totally detailed upon waking. In other words, I don't remember it as vividly as I dreamed it. The setting seemed to be my old High School. I was there, and some people not from MY class, but the class before me were there. We were discussing some of our other school mates. I'm not sure of the significance, maybe more will come to me later. However, I am disappointed because I was hoping to have a really weird and vivid dream to share with you guys today.

So I was planning on getting up and hitting the Gym early, but Mr. J woke up before me, and snuck in there and started playing a Video game at the ass crack of dawn. Then he wanted to wake me up later and try to go, but I wasn't in the mode at that point, I like to have plenty of time to get back and get ready for work if we ARE going to workout first thing. So, instead, I slept longer and woke up later than when I would've gotten back from the gym and had less time after all. I managed to make grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast though. Now I'm having some green tea, and relaxing here with you guys.

Today is an overcast, cloudy morning start here in the River city... the traffic wasn't so bad (perhaps because I wasn't directly in Rush hour since I was running late like a slacker). So I haven't even the first road rage story to report. Wait, well there was this one idiot who decided to stop at a green light so that we were trapped into the red light, and he was from Georgia. I've been behind alot of out-of-state moron drivers lately. I don't know what the deal is. It's not Elvis week (yet). Oh Jesus I forgot that it's nearly January, and that does mean we are in for droves of Elvis fans from all over... I'm not sure if they'll be having marathons or what, but it will have the city packed quite tightly... and that means even more rotten driving! Oh the dread.

So I guess I'm gonna sit back and chill a bit, watch the cloudy day go by, maybe do a little people watching. If I catch any good photos, or have anything interesting to tell then I'll likely be back. Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel devious, mischievous and decadently evil? I feel that way today... maybe it's the green tea and the melatonin, or the weather. Either way, watch your necks, I may bite ;) hee hee


Jay said...

Definitely post post any salacious or devious photos. That's what blogs are for, ya know? LOL

If I had a camera phone I would have gotten a good one today. A woman at the mall was wearing low rider jeans so tight that when she squatted down to fix her toddler's jacked about half her ass was exposed. No panties either.

You never know what will happen to brighten your day. LOL ;-)


jeez girl!!! slow down!!! I can't keep it up...oops...keep up with all these posts...

Gimme a chance will yer???? xx

Anonymous said...

At times the weather makes me feel evil! lol :D

Jay Cam said...

congrats aunt jackie! i just gave you an award... you can pick it up at my blog if you want!