Thursday, December 06, 2007

Catching Some Zzzzz

No I can't say that the title means I actually am catching any "REAL" Z's such as my old flame, "Z" from my Butterflies, Zebras and Moonbeams story. Besides, I'z a married lady and seeing Z would be wrong of course, and then to think about it I'm fairly certain Z still hates my guts. But Life is what it is, winding roads and all that jazz. Ok, I digress... I was discussing catching some Zzzz (see what he does? He still distracts me to this day, and do you think that he ever even stops to think about me? I seriously doubt it. What's wrong with men that nothing ever affects them but it rips our world apart. There are always sickening little reminders everywhere too so that the memory can never completely go away, like "Z Market" signs, etc). Crap!! I digress again. Please forgive me [Damn that man!!!]

Oh yes... catching some Zzzz. Well, if you remember Mr. J's episode from about a week back where he nearly died because of the Ambien sleep med. he was trying out for his insomnia. Yes, he swore off sleep medications for good, and he stuck to it. But our drummer, Rob had stated he and Meggy used Melatonin (all natural it is!!), which is something your body produces anyway. So he's been trying it with rip-roaring success. No problems, no weirdness, just good comfy sleep. So, I thought I would jump on the band wagon. I've been taking it this week, and I swear to you I have been dreaming the weirdest dreams. I don't miss a night, it's like clockwork. I can't really give you any details at the moment, not because they are overly-sexy or that I can't remember them at all... I would just have to think too hard, and I'm too tired to think extensively at the moment.

I do know that last night it had something to do with having a hollowed out Nasal/sinus cavity in which strange objects were coming out of my nose etc... And the other night I can't remember all of the details but I think Kevin Costner was there, and some other strange people. I could care less about Kevin Costner (no offense Kevin), it's just really weird... my dreams have been weird before, but not consistently. I wonder if it is because I am having a deeper more relaxed sleep or something. Maybe I should go back and try out my Out of Body Experience stuff (OBE's) or maybe Lucid Dreaming. I'm going to pay attention tonight and if I can remember my dream in detail tomorrow, while it's fresh I will share it with you all.

Anyways, that's about all I have to report... just been working along pretty hard today on some code and had my head in the stuff. Maybe tomorrow will be a little bit more of a "Slack Day". Hope you have a great Thursday, see you tomorrow on TGIF!!!

Sweet Dreams, AJ


Jay said...

My sister takes that stuff sometimes and says she likes it. She doesn't have the weird dreams though. NyQuil sometimes gives me some really wild dreams. I like it! LOL

Further on up the road said...

I get insomnia sometimes but I've avoided taking anything so far.

However weird dreams - this morning I woke up thinking of trams/trolleybuses - and a particular journey on one which I can't think where it was, actually I think it's a dream from years back re-occuring. I had taken some nightime cold remedy thing - maybe that caused it.

g-man said...

I sometimes enjoy the weird dream or two. I sleep for crap, maybe I will try that too. (I assume it can be procured from any health food (supplement) store?) My wife takes Ambien, it has had some odd effects.