Thursday, December 13, 2007

Swimming Along Fine

It was a busy couple of days, finished the project much to the jubilation of the superiors, who coincidentally lavished me with victory hugs. So it's a bit more low-key now, and I had a chance to breathe a little deeper.

The weeks, days... they're passing by way too quickly. December barely just started but it's nearly over already! I haven't even found my Christmas feet yet. I have to dig out my Santa Claus hat and prepare an outfit to wear to our office Christmas party on Friday... I have to mirror the cuteness I achieved on Halloween, right?? (And no, I didn't forget to dress like a Turkey on Thanksgiving, I missed that one on purpose lol).

Friday night, Mr. J and I are supposed to go down and help my mother make some Christmas candy, so maybe that will fill me full of some spirit... or if I find her wine bottle, maybe "Spirits" haha... heck, it's the Holidays. I may as well find it in my heart to get a little tipsy.

The Melatonin is still working sleep magic during the week, as well as dream magic. The dreams are so vivid they are more like visions, but I still don't remember the entire dream when I wake, but rather pieces... sometimes more comes to me later, but it's still 'iffy'. I'll hopefully get a grasp on that and report any new interesting developments in dreamland.

Guess I'll get moving and shaking now, just popped in for an early morning blurb... Have a happy Thursday my sweet embraceable blog Amigos... lol ;)



sweet dreams babe x

g-man said...

Glad you finished your project, I am back in the thick of a project that should have been done with before I started working here, and now it is MY project. I want it over too!

Hi hope you find your spirit even if it is hidden in a bottle of spirits. (like jump starting a car, only different)

I am on day 3 with the melatonin, slept like a rock last night, only up once. :) Don't recall any dreams, but that is no surprise. Kepp on keepin on.

Jay said...

I really gotta hit up that melatonin stuff and try out the wild dreams.

Aunt Jackie said...

Ta my Dinners!! x

Gman, thanks!! Hope you get yours done soon too... Keep me posted on your dream state.

Jay, give it a try. I don't guess it affects everyone like that, but I sure have had more vivid and odd ones since I have taken it... Plus peaceful sleep to boot>

R.E.H. said...

I'll be searching for some holiday spirit the coming days, when I enjoy my last bit of freedom (days off work) before Christmas Hell really is brought down on me full force!

Sandy C. said...

Hmm..I've always wanted to try melatonin.

I love your blog. found you through NaBlop :)

g-man said...

Groovin' on the new avatar.:) Interesting use of exposure and color.

Will do on the sleep thing.

Joshua said...

yeah it doesn't feel like it should be Christmas at all.

I can't believe how fast time goes by. I only got 5 months of school left :o

Well at least tomorrow is Friday =)

I'm sure I'll stop by.