Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Drain

So the weekend was o.k., and of course not long enough.

Friday night, we had birthday stuff to do, met up with my drummer, his birthday was April 9th, and then a friend of Richie's had a birthday coming up (today actually), so we made an appearance at their birthday celebrations as well. I weathered the crowd well enough, even though I don't usually like crowds with many people that I don't know, it makes me uncomfortable, but I was o.k.

Speaking of birthdays, I was just peeking at the April 13 date on Wikipedia, just out of curiosity and saw these notable April 13th Birthdays:
Peabo Bryson, Rick Schroeder, and Al Green

Peabo, of course everyone should know, if not for romantic nights spent with his albums, then quite a number of songs from the Disney classics such as "Beauty and The Beast", and "Whole New World" from Aladdin. He's done duets with the likes of Roberta Flack, and others.

Rick Schroder, who hasn't sang anything that I know of but of course grew up with a "Silver Spoon" in his mouth... Ok, so he's filmed a few... but I wouldn't really mention him if he didn't look so funny between Peabo and Al.

Al Green, well if you don't know about the good reverend, Al, then you've not lived, loved or jammed out properly. They just don't make em like him anymore.

Ok, that's the daily b.s., here goes the weekend recap.

Saturday, well it turned out to be non-productive, I wish I had accomplished more, but the day flew by before we knew it and then we headed down to Mom's house to spend the night for Easter with her. She didn't do a big dinner and a big Easter get-together really like we have done traditionally, she just hasn't really been able to snap back quickly enough from her cough and cold junk, and her energy levels haven't bounced back, so she wasn't feeling up to the huge ordeal, and everyone else seems to already have their very own traditions already in motion, so I doubt anyone missed a beat.

We had ridden our motorcycles down of course on Saturday because the weather was so sweet, though we were expecting storms later on Sunday. We called ourselves heading home before the rain began, but just after I stopped in to fuel up my tank, the droplets began to fall. It doesn't bother me that bad, and I'm not a girl who minds getting wet, so I am free to revel in the rain. The only thing was that there was a bit of lightning and thunder starting up, so we still got home as soon as we could.

Upon driveway arrival, we saw Richie's brother's car parked in the drive, but didn't see any activity going on, so we looked around then finally peered into the car where he was fast asleep. Not sure how long he'd been there in the drive, but we woke him up with a bang on the window, and he came in for a few hours only to fall asleep in a living room chair. Not much of a visit since he slept the afternoon away, then returned back home. Guess he'd had a slight riff with his wife, or had been out all night, we didn't ask much.

Retired the evening away to watching "Celebrity Apprentice". We've been keeping up-to-date on that show and a few others, even if we record them and watch later. This has been a pretty good show, however they zinged us with a cliffhanger of sorts last night. So now another week we'll be slave to the next episode. All is well. The other shows I'll await this week include of course "Heroes" and Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen". As for my other favorite comedies and dramas, they're sort of in between seasons.

Mondays suck, of course, but I'm going to weather the storm. This week I have a lot to get done, and I intend to make progress on as much as possible. Lots of work issues going on, gotta finalize some important crap, and have a few projects I'd like to start on. Then as far as getting back in the groove of fitness after Easter, that's a priority too. So lots to do! Right? :)

This week's Weekly Words Challenge, is going to be hosted by our great friend, Jay the Cynical Bastard, it should be an exciting week!

If you click the Weekly Words Challenge Master Participant List link, you can see who all is playing, and check out their photos too.

Happy Monday Y'all!

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Jay said...

"I'm not a girl who minds getting wet..."

Yeah baby! ;-)

I remember Ricky Schroder from the movie "The Champ" when he was so little. Man that was a sad movie!