Friday, April 10, 2009

Ready For A Change

I am in the midst of changing the look of this blog, it is completely drab and I am determined to give it an overhaul. It may take a few days to get through this transformation but I want it to be much different than any of the changes I have put in before.

This will not be "yet another" new header design with a switch in background color, but a complete overhaul. I must admit I have been leery of going with such a big change, but it's time. Maybe if I start with a blog make-over, then it could possibly be a lead in to helping me get started doing all the other things I've been putting off. Who knows, it is a start anyways.

Therefore, bare with me while I begin this magic face lift.

Change is coming!


The Preacherman said...

I like the look of this babe!!!

Can I search your forrest sometime? ;-) x

Chelly said...

It's gorgeous Jackie! You always had the eye for design.