Friday, April 10, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

These prompts come from something called The Simple Woman’s Daybook that I first saw over on Janet’s blog. I didn't study up on it too hard, or research what it was all about admittedly, but I just thought I'd put it up and share it for fun... No tags, just thoughts.

It's Good Friday so I hope yours is good. :)

1. Outside my window…I see an empty street and impending rain.

2. I am thinking…I wish I could be more motivated and accomplished. I'm bored right now.

3. I am thankful for… My family, and all times when things end up ok after I worried I wouldn't get through them.

4. From the kitchen… I run screaming from the cluttered table and dirty dishes!

5. I am wearing… 2 day worn work pants and a slouchy t-shirt, what a bum. :(

6. I am creating… even more negativity if I don't change my thought patterns right now!

7. I am going… to a birthday dinner tonight and then Mom's house tomorrow evening... I'm going to start accomplishing more goals too... I am.

8. I am reading… my own words and hoping I can do better.

9. I am hoping… for so many things! For the health and prosperity of my friends and remaining family, for the healing and recovery of a friend's father, for my financial troubles to subside, and for life to feel really good again.

10. I am hearing… the t.v. in the other room, and the fan running on my husband's p.c.

11. Around the house… things are unorganized and chaotic, but I am going to try hard to make things better. The only person who can ultimately change me, is ME.

12. One of my favorite things… is my motorcycle!

13. Here is a picture I’m sharing:

Learn to "Listen" to that inner voice, TRUST your "intuition". Ask and ye shall receive! Wishing for you all you need today and every day!! -AJ

1 comment:

Janet said...

Do you know, we share a birthday! I just saw that on your sidebar :-)

My nana once said to me (and she could be a bit harsh) when I told her I was bored, "If you're bored, you're boring." That has stuck with me all these years, and I swear to all that's evil I've never been bored since. LOL!

Since I've started decluttering the house, I've had more of a feeling of peace. I look at pictures of the house from when my parents first bought it and it wasn't filled with "things", it was filled with hope.'s slowly getting back to that.