Wednesday, April 01, 2009


April Fools!!! I am quitting the blog, leaving my husband and moving away to Zimbabwe to marry into their royal family. Oops, Darn!! I always screw that part up, guess I blew the April Fool's Joke!! ;)

This morning I was rushing around like mad, trying to get going. I thought to myself briefly how it felt like this entire week so far had been dragging as slow as it could get (not that I want to rush things, I wish we would all adhere to 'time is an illusion'). So though I was running late, I still had to stop for fuel, which is a huge hassle too.

(Photo at left of AJ as a teenager--yes she is a girl, nevermind that hideous haircut-- riding the Honda MB5 through the yard, back in th' day!)

Right around the corner from my house is my little ol' "stand by" gas station. It's called "Sack-n-Save", although I'm not quite sure what you are saving by going there since every item is an arm and a leg. Growing up, we affectionately named this place "301 Store", Vickie will remember that (although there is another station way down the road actually called 301 I think. So this place has weathered the test of time despite their overpriced goodies and fare.

Normally, I would shy away from stopping in due to the excessive crowd that had cropped up this morning, but I was desperate, I had to fuel up, and I hadn't had breakfast in my rush and severely wanted a Muscle Milk. So, I twisted my way into the crowded little parking lot, and wedged myself up to Pump #2. The place was covered-up with big work trucks and lots of guys you could tell were either painters or construction workers.

I watched with cynical amusement as they ogled every woman that walked by... I rolled my eyes, and right away, felt like an uncomfortable morsel of prey. But wearing my dark sunglasses that are not like those cheesy 80s glasses, but still vaguely reminiscent of the Blues Brothers, I anti-socially slithered through the door, and made my way back to the cooler. I grabbed my "Banana Cream" flavored MuscleMilk, and pretended to be looking for other items that I could not find, hoping that the line at the front would diminish.

It only seemed that more and more people kept coming in, despite my fake browsing. I am not sure when I have seen this store more crowded, which highly annoyed me. I can't stand crowds, and usually avoid the place when even 2 or 3 vehicles are there. I had to bite the bullet though, because I was late enough already. I proceed, rather quietly to the register with my 'breakfast', and to request my petrol. As I finally manage to get to the counter, I put my stuff down and the cashier (and consequently store owner) rings me up and puts in my gasoline purchase.

Suddenly, some skuzzbucket sidles up next to me and says, "I'm sorrehh, scuze me just put'n these up theahh" and he begins to stack his ample armful of crap onto the counter behind mine when I wasn't even finished. To top that off, he stacks them in sort of a "fortress" around the debit card machine, thus completely blocking me off from it. I'm leaning away slightly, looking obviously annoyed and the lady at the counter starts grabbing his stuff and moving it backward so I can get to the machine. He misunderstood, thinking she was putting his stuff with mine, and shrieks "Oh naawww, naww this is..." and she interjects, "I'm just moving this, because she needs to use this machine". So I say, "Thank you."

And I guess he realizes he was crowding me and moves away so I can make my transaction. This type of behavior (people crowding you at the checkout stand, and putting their stuff up in front of you when you're checking out, thus invading SPACE BUBBLES is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have to wonder why we can't find more common sense and just general manners in public?? Was everyone really raised in a barnyard (like the old cliche??).

Well that's over with, I guess I should let it go now... Just had to share.

Also, I ran across some article about the Honda MB5, which was my very first motorcycle. It wasn't very big at all, in retrospect, and in light of what I drive now, but I had some wonderful times on it. Daddy went out of his way to find it for me and I will never forget that Christmas... or all of the sweet things that Daddy did for us... Every day without him in this world is a challenge. I just thought I would share a little blurb about this Motorcycle (which was a 1982 model). Some of the illustrations are quite funny, and they really make the guy in the ad below look like he's supposed to be a studmuffin with girls flocking around him... rofl!!!

You can definitely tell the time period from the way 1980s advertisements look... I think you can enlarge these and read them by clicking below... Anyways, I wonder what kind of fun toys the rest of you have good memories of, and what you remember most fondly??


Red 1982 Honda MB5, Just Like AJ's

Features of the 1982 MB5

Part of the ad for the 1982 Honda MB5

Specification Details

Advertisement Image from the 1982 Honda MB5
Classic, and yet humorous!

Kinda makes you wanna listen to Rick Springfield doesn't it??? Or at least Night Ranger.


Jay said...

I would have shoved all that dudes crap off the counter. Or at least way over to the side. I hate it when people do that. If people put stuff behind mine on the belt at the grocery store I move it back if it's too close. And if they crowd me I tell them to move back.

Aunt Jackie said...

That's hot! ;)

Nothingman said...

i just use another counter if there is one, but most of times, i just say look! superman! and while people are distracted get the stuff checked! hehe, kidding of course. I don't shop much though.

The bike! yes, the bike looks interesting. It's funny that it has front disc brakes. Doesn't look like it will be much help on this machine. But i have to say, i like the whole look!

Keep rocking!


BBC said...

I don't recall the MB5, in the middle 80's I bought a cool new Yamaha 250 Exciter. It was the only bike I've ever bought new and it was a damn nice bike.

I like to crowd women in the store, get right next to them, ha ha ha.

I forgot what else I was going to say, oh well, fuck it.

Furtheron said...

Get your motor running.... Head out on the highway... BORN TO BE WILD!!! ... :-)

Btw - the Zimabawee idea ain't so dumb you'd be a gazzillionaire out there the way their currency is going :-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Nothingman! Yes it was pretty cool for the time, and as a teenager I was just thrilled to have a bike!

BBC! Honda bikes in my experience are quality bikes, and I liked that one, I love mine now too... :)

Have a great weekend.

Aunt Jackie said...

Furtheron! You might be right! But I would probably still have to take Mr. J with me, he's just too cute to leave behind... lol