Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Opening (WWC)

A quick note about the Poker Run that Mr. J and I rode or motorcycles in on Sunday... I forgot to mention that the guys we were riding with are part of a riders club specifically for biking members of the same exact Union (Teamsters Local 667), which my Father was a part of all of his professional truck driving life. That's right, the guys are Truck Drivers, and so the ones of them who ride bikes (mostly Harley's), formed a rider's club called the "Teamsters Horsemen". Great bunch of guys, and we really enjoyed riding with them. Daddy would be proud. :) One police officer rode with our group though (who was a part of the "Wild Pigs" riders group-I know, cool name, right?), but I think he knew these guys and just wanted to ride with us.

Anyways, o.k. on to Today's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge by the ever-wonderful Tink!) The words for this week are "Spring" and "Opening" as you probably guessed... Enough of an opening to this post, let me go ahead and spring my photos on ya... Here goes:

Spring Colors Abound!

The Only Way To Make It Through The Opening of Heaven?

Perfect Opening For A Bad Name Joke...

These Strange Fixtures Mark The Opening To Memphis's
Only Remaining Drive-In Movie Theatre

The Sign At The Opening Of The Theatre Drive

Signs Along The Drive Show Which Movies Are Opening

The Opening To My Former Cubicle Before Our Office Move

That's all folks!!!


Jay said...

Amy Lay? That's unfortunate. Maybe not as unfortunate as Anita Dick, but still.

There are no drive in movie theaters around here at all. It's very sad. They were so much fun.

Great job on the words babe!

g-man said...

Very nice shootin'. I really like the spring colors and clever drive-in shots. Well done.

I wish I had a bike to ride when the mood strikes. Maybe one day. :)

Tink said...

Amy Lay! *Snort* I went to school with a guy named Eric Bader. People used to call him Master Bader. Poor kid. Great pictures this week!

Reb said...

Ack, I'm late! Love the spring colours, I can't wait for ours to start! I love that you still have a drive-in there. Great photos.

Gramps said...

Quite clever with the "opening" to a bad joke. I also liked the one with the trees in bloom. Well done.

YellowRose said...

Great "opening" for a bad joke! Love it!!

The shots of the drive-in is wonderful, brings back memories for me, I loved going to the drive-in when I was a kid!

Happy weekend!