Thursday, April 09, 2009

Odds and Ends

Fueled At The Filling Station...
The most annoying thing ever happened this morning as I was getting mandatory fuel at the pump. There I stand, barely, and still trying to wake, still having to drag myself around by the ear as this has been such a long, stretched out week.

I love all motorcycles, and this one was no exception. It was sleek, black and shiny. The machine was adorned with 'all the fixins'. There was just one problem (well, technically two). First off was the driver himself, this loud, obnoxious guy who wanted to make CERTAIN he was seen and heard. I don't know how many of them there were, maybe 2 or 3 riding together. One was a girl on a sports bike, his was a cruiser. He had his radio blaring some horrible rap song, and I mean blaring. They pulled into the gas station for some unknown reason, I don't even know why, because they didn't appear to do anything productive at all, they just turned in, blared their horrible music and made a slow annoying circle... then finally went on down the road.

Now it is annoying enough when someone has horrible music blaring in a car, with a closed trunk booming bass, but they're out in the freaking open on a motorcycle. It's so rude, as if EVERYONE wants to listen to your shit... I just continued to work with my fuel, and appeared disinterested, but I wanted to kick their asses... I didn't want to give them the pleasure of looking annoyed. Too bad I wasn't riding my own bike, I could've at least looked at them with a "go to hell" look or something... but I was in a plain, non-worthy car--lol

Oh well, I guess this world will just continue to stink worse and worse because a new asshole comes along every day.

Nevermind anyways, as tomorrow is Good Friday. The only problem this year is nothing is really that good about it other than I am off work. I doubt I'll even get to ride because the weather looks like it's going to be stormy. Our drummer's birthday is today, and we were invited out to his birthday dinner tomorrow night at the Celtic Crossing, so I guess that's the Friday plan.

Mom's not even making a big deal out of Easter as we always would have, and I do understand. She has been so under the weather for the last couple months pretty much that she's not feeling up to a big event and trying to cook. I have to admit, without Daddy I don't even feel up to dying Easter Eggs... that was something he and I always did together and I am going to be very melancholy about it from now on... I'd give anything to be able to sit across the table from him right now and do, pretty much anything... talk, dye eggs, crack jokes, just hug him...

Seems like I have good days where I don't feel so bad, and then days where I just feel a bottomless pit of loneliness and misery over it... I guess everyone has the same ups and downs. Just like my sister Vickie said, it never goes away, it's just a passage of time, it doesn't really help or fade that much.

Oh gosh, I'm sorry for going on over it all AGAIN--I guess you guys are pretty much sick of reading about my downs. Me... venting again. Yeah.

Have you ever noticed that everything happens just at the wrong times, everything?? Maybe I am not being clear, what I mean is, for example, people always come up to you at exactly the wrong time, when you look really terrible, or you're blowing your nose, or something like that... It will be exactly the time someone will pop right up in your face. There was something else similar to this that I meant to make a note of earlier so I could mention it here, but I got sidetracked and didn't get to write it down. So for now, it's gone.

I'm gonna get a few things done around here, so I will wrap it up for now... I might be back for more posting before the day is through though. Ciao!


Janet said...

I take it your Dad has passed away? I'm so sorry to hear that...mine passed away at 15 minutes to midnight this past New Year's Eve. My Uncle passed away in March, two of my blog friends just lost their Dad, another her Mom and two of my friends IRL both lost their Dads on Easter, 1 year apart. I don't like this thing called growing older...but...what's the alternative, right? I figure I'll do things in my life that would've made my parents happy or proud and that makes me feel like at least I'm honoring their memory. I think that if you did dye the Easter eggs in honor of the times you did it with your Dad, he'd look and smile; dye those eggs and talk to him. Hugs to you, Jackie :-)

furiousBall said...

AJ, be patient with yourself, downs are just part of ups later on, you're ok chica. swear.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Janet! Yes, he just passed away in January. You are right, but it is very hard. I know he's not far, but I wish I could see his face in person. :) Thanks though, good reminders.

Furious! Thanks, I know... and it always helps to hear it. :)

Jay said...

I know what you mean about people being loud and calling attention to themselves. There was a guy in a convenience store yesterday who was yelling into his cellphone. As if only a select few people have cell phones or something. I wanted to tell him that even the hookers had cellphones so shut up!

Don't worry about the ups and downs. That's totally normal. People tend to push themselves to move on quickly, but there is no reason to do that at all.

g-man said...

Its is your blog, this is where you are supposed to vent, about assholes on bikes with shitty music, to the losses you feel. Hugs to you darlin.

Reb said...

I agree with Janet, dye the eggs. Have the Easter dinner, or at least a pared down version. It will help to sit around with family and reminisce about your dad. A burden shared is a burden lightened - or something. Hugs to you and your Mom.

Furtheron said...

COme to England - we just grunt at each other until lunchtime... :-)

Hope things are good over Easter. Best to your Mum... she needs it