Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Door To Home (WWC)

In the words of the great Yoda, "Busy I have BEEN!" Honestly, I thought about skipping out on the Weekly Words Challenge, but this weeks words were hosted by one of my favorite people in blogland, Cynical (Jay) Sexy Bastard, so I could not, would not skip out on the likes of him in all his perverse Viking glory...

Not you Jay, No way!!!

His words for this week he ingeniously set to "Door" and "Home". I tried to work on this through the week, but unfortunately didn't collect very many to enter. So I might have pulled one or two out of my archived collection. The important thing is I'm here.

Yeah! So let's get the party started!

Door and Home...

Door To A Tomb At Elmwood

Door To A Different Creature's Home

Door To A Strange Storage Shed

The Entry Card To My Office

The Key To Door At Home

These Beautiful Flowers, Just Outside My Office, Remind Me Of Home

My Beautiful Mom, Opening The Door At Home

Don't forget that you can always check out Jay's or Tink's blog for WWC and more fun anytime you like... I'll have more philosophical bullshite for you all later, but until then, Happy Snapping!!!


Gramps said...

You have an abundance of doors. I like it that you got "door" and "home" together in the birdhouse. (I guess the tomb is a "home" of a different kind.)

Tink said...

I'm amazed at all the stuff on the wall of your Mom's house! I love the picture of the bird house. Well done. I'm glad you played. :)

Janet said...

I especially love the shot of your Mom and the lovely decorations!

Jay said...

The shot of your mother at the door is really great.

And I love the close up of house key. Very sharp and clear.

Well done babe!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well done ... this type of photo meme sounds really fun, I might have to try it sometime.

.... and Hello! Gosh, the place looks different here. Big hug from SpeedyCat :-)

BBC said...

Geez, I only have three things on the wall by my door.

Been a while since I had time to drop by, your comment reminded me to, good to know that you are still kicking along hon.

Fortune Cookies said...

I especially love the one of your mom!
great job!

Tawcan said...

Great flower shot. :)

Furtheron said...

Very good.... but

entréecard ... for goodness sake, I hate the faux use of foreign languages like that :-) Some pretentious arse in the marketing dept of GE somewhere.... call it a keycard or something similar for crying out loud! (Rant over)

Reb said...

Love the tomb - final home for someone! Great job all round.

furiousBall said...

shot of mom is the best i love stuff on walls like that

g-man said...

Very nice indeed. The key card and key were very clever. I like the shadowing on the tomb, and the flower was very nice. Well done.

I dug into my archives this week too.