Monday, April 20, 2009

Fo' Twenny

April 20 is the 110th day of the year (111th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 255 days remaining until the end of the year. Geez... can you believe it??

Notes from the week leading up to 4/20/09 (or general disturbances and rants of mine).

There is a baby bird that has been incessantly chirping out my bedroom window at all hours of the night, which only accompanies my husband's snoring. It's a wonder I get any sleep at all.

In a rush last week, I ran by Backyard Burger for lunch. I was listening to the almost creepy "Auto" greetings of the Stepford workers... Every time the door opened, one of them would ring out, "Welcome to Backyard!" and as people left, they would chime out, "Have a great day, it's been my pleasure!"... It's really surreal though, it's like they've been programmed... one girl in particular who kept checking on me a little too much to see "if everything was ok", had a bit of a glazed look in her eye. With the exception of the bottles of ketchup on the inside, it's also very strange that the drive-thru simply refuses to give packets of ketchup I've noticed. I think it must be a conspiracy.

More and more I have also noticed how much it bugs people to be passed by or forced to get behind a motorcycle, and how stressed drivers of cars and trucks must be, but how relaxed I usually am on my bike. Therefore, I am usually in my R&R mode just enjoying the ride unless one of these type A-holes has to take it to the next level, then I just have to go ahead and OWN them so they can be shamed... lol You know I can't have Jimi getting a complex about these people... He usually joins me in the 'not giving a #%%!' while cruising philosophy, but hey he understands that occasionally, people need to get owned.

When the weather is nice like it has been lately, I am even more prone to joy riding and taking "the long way". Sometimes it actually feels like I am riding through a Bob Ross painting on my bike. Of course, the spring air smells divine... I notice a lot of familiar things that trigger a memory or two.

Scents that I am ga-ga over...
-Some kind of Cinnamon potpourri that reminds me of when I lived in Bo's house
-Dryer Sheets
-Freshly Cut Summer Grass
-Burning wood

Saturday night, we watched the movie Gummo. Now if you are a fan of truly disturbing, whacked-out weirdos and freaks, check it out. It's really hard to understand, but it is kind of a "cult" movie that has gained some popularity. Interesting flick, but like I said... DISTURBING. Strange... Chloe Sevegny is in it and now that I think about it, nothing but strange Indy films like that... that and the HBO show, "Big Love" (right?)

Seems so easy lately to slide into a depression and feel like crap when I think of fun times in youth and know that they will never again be that exciting or happy. Is it all downhill now?? I don't feel this way all the time, but occasionally allow myself to be taken over by that currant... the fears of getting old.

In an effort to feel more accomplished and get more organized, I've been making a few "to-do lists", and they have slightly been helping me get some of my goals or projects accomplished, but of course I'm still working on it.

Things coming up in the days and weeks ahead:
  • The Wild Hog Bike Festival
  • This is in Helena, and I have been planning on attending, but am not sure if we're going to get to or not at this point due to lack of people and funds.

  • Gotta Sing For Mom's Revival
  • That's right, it's an old-fashioned Deep-South Revival, and my niece Ginger and I are expected to perform... I do this because it makes my Mom happy... just don't tell her that because then I get a religion lecture, and nobody wants AJ to get that, now do they?? ;)

  • Battle of the Bands at the New Daisy Theatre
  • My band, SAP, caught a slot at the June 7th BOTB... it's a little bit political regarding the winners are the ones who sell the most tickets, and I doubt we sell as many as other bands, but at least we get a bit of exposure.

  • Tentative Gig with Valhalla on June 13
  • The band we opened up for in March, Valhalla has graciously invited us back to open for them again, this time with a 50 minute slot. It's not definite yet, I am checking with the rest of my bandmates, but it's a possibility.

    That's all I can really think of for now, except for day-to-day projects and things that crop up...

    Yep, it's April 20th... Our year is really flying by at the speed of light, isn't it?? I did a quick little Wiki-check, kind of like I used to do y'know, provide little trivia and interesting facts... just for the heck of it. The following little nonsense I found...
    Holidays and observances:
    Happy Birthday as well, to everyone who's birthday falls on this fine 4/20 date...

    Other Interesting Birthdays are:
    1889 – Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor (d. 1945)
    1893Harold Lloyd, American actor (d. 1971)
    1937George Takei, American actor
    1941Ryan O'Neal, American actor
    1949 – Jessica Lange, American actress
    1951Luther Vandross, American singer (d. 2005)
    1964Crispin Glover, American actor
    1970Shemar Moore, American actor

    A Few Notable Deaths on this day:
    1912Bram Stoker, Irish author (b. 1847)
    Rick Rude, American professional wrestler (b. 1958)

    That's about it... What's up in your neck of the woods???


    Reb said...

    Sounds like you will be busy for the next little while. As for fun times...they are what you make them. They don't slip away, we just have to make a concious effort to recognise them and make the most of them. Next time you see a swing set, have a swing ;)

    kcinnova said...

    April 20th was my grandfather's birthday, but I never knew it was all those other things!
    Your bike sounds like a wonderful place to be. I've never experienced that kind of relaxation on a motorcycle, but I can imagine pretty well with your great descriptions. *Bob Ross paintings* :)

    Janet said...

    Luther, dear sweet Luther and hitler shared a birthday? Weird! | Greeting Cards said...

    It's amazing how the year seems to have gone by so fast. I can't believe it's May already. Soon it'll be -ber months, then before you know it, it's Christmas time and a full year has flown by.