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All Creatures Big And Small

Today Is Earth Day!!!

For as long as I remember, my Mother has been very "in tune" to the ways of the Native Americans. She displays so many traits of theirs, follows many of their beliefs and superstitions and really loves their philosophies and way of life. In short, the Native Americans have always been spiritually ascended, thankful and respectful to Mother Earth and its resources. They also have much to say in the ways of medicine and healing... This is where I believe my Mother gets her medicinal qualities, and I believe she has passed her medicine down to me. I give thanks to Mom and this magical universe for that. So, I am a healer, listener, a bit of a medium and divine nurturer. Those are my medicines.

Take a quiet moment today to think on the following...

Elder's Meditation of the Day April 22:
"Each creature has a medicine, so there are many medicines. Because they are so close to the Creator, they are to communicate that medicine. Then they bring help and health."
--Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
The Elders say everything has a purpose and everything has a will. We should never interfere with purpose or the will of everything. Every plant, creature, animal, insect, human being has a purpose to be here on the Earth. Each has a special medicine to contribute for the good of all things. Each person also has good medicine, a special talent, a special gift. These medicines are to help others or to help make us healthy. What is your special medicine?

"Creator, today, help me discover and use

my medicine to serve a greater good."

Historically, I have avoided doctor visits as much as humanly possible. I don't like to take any medicines that aren't absolutely necessary. I've always tried to be a healer to others, yet avoid healing myself... well let me rephrase that, avoid modern medicine I guess (maybe that's one more thing that seeps through the tiny, minute bit of Native American blood in my veins-lol). I truly feel so strongly that there is a natural way of treating things, or preventing them in the first place. You can always take a healthy and natural approach to some ailment, and rely on nature's remedies a little more, or the doctors will try to have you on every synthetic medicine that they can get you on... and I promise you, there is NOT a pill for everything.

I touch on this subject mainly because, after prolonged and intense harassment by the talented "Mr. J", I finally broke down and agreed to go and get a total check-up, yes a complete blood work-up, levels, chest x-ray you know... all that jazz.

I had ridden my bike in to work that day, it was a Monday, so I was as casually dressed as I could be on any given work day and clad with my heavy-duty biker boots, to which the doctor quipped, "Those are some sexy boots!" just before he manhandled my breasts in a routine manual examination of said mammary zone.

"Ahh yes, " I said, making sure I appeared very nonchalant and unconcerned with my half-nudity. "It was such a fantastic day outside, I had to ride my bike."

"You got a motorcycle out there?!" he quipped with a shocked look on his face.

"I sure do!" I replied with a bragging smile.

This became a point of interest of course, and I had to discuss more details about riding my bike to the various workers around the doctor's office. I don't mind that much, it's very easy to talk about the things I enjoy, you never know who it might inspire, any of our words and our attitudes and our energies.

I'd prefer to make a positive impression personally. Also, I guess I prefer to heal others before myself... as in the following story:

Later, after I'd returned home, we received a call from our neighbor, V. who had a problem. She'd discovered a squirrel laying in her back yard that couldn't move its legs. She was in a panic, worried about her 2 year old getting near it or possibly the cat. As soon as I was free, I walked down with the shovel to assist her.

Was I going there to club the little fellow?? You must think me mad and have me mistaken for some everyday average human being... No, I had nothing else to handle him with, and I wanted to help him if I could.

I assessed the situation, I eyed this small, pitiful little creature, and analyzed what I was going to do about it. He was petrified with fear, and desperately trying to move and find an escape. He could not move his legs at all. I took a small twig and stroked his fur, gently, trying to make friends. He seemed slightly comforted, but still afraid (not to mention that the noises being made by the 2 year old doing donuts with his plastic truck and shouting "Vroom! Vroom!!" as he plowed by probably had the little guy in complete shock).

Thinking quickly, I had V. look up the number to Animal Control. They only handle domestic animals. However, they gave us the number to Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. and so we called. The lady stated that she could not come to pick him up, but if someone brought him she would take him in. She gave me the directions to get to her place, which were not uncomplicated!

So V. and I search for a comfortable box and I gently slid the little squirrel onto the shovel, making sure not to hurt him, and we transplanted him into the box. I carried him home, and asked Mr. J if he wanted to ride with me, and he agreed to. So off we went on the winding road, to her lake-point home. It was quite sloped and hilly, and she had all manner of cages full of other creatures which she was in the process of rehabilitating.

She greeted me in the yard, and took a look at my tiny friend. Immediately, she invited us in the house, asked me to fill out a "donor/finder form", which I did while she administered a round of antibiotics and a little pain medication. Soon Mr. Squirrel was dreaming fantastic squirrel dreams, and hopefully realizing that someone had cared enough to save his life.

Every creature big and small, all of them exist here for a reason. They serve a purpose, and are all important in their own individual way. I always try to do what I can to make a difference, or help a fellow creature in need, even if it is just a tiny one, I think it matters in the big picture. I know my medicine, and I'm not afraid of it... I'll use it every chance I get.

What's your medicine? If you don't know, then why not begin searching within? Ask and ye shall receive... if you have questions, ask... you will always receive an answer from the universe. What better time than Earth Day to begin such a journey?

Love... AJ

Have You Hugged Your Earth Today?

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