Friday, April 17, 2009

Out Of The Closet

No worries here gentlemen, Aunt Jackie (a.k.a. "AJ", a.k.a. Jaxxx a.k.a. just "Jackie") is a straight girl (so far) with of course skeletons in her closet, none of which, however, are homosexual. She has all manner of friends, though, just for the record, quite a few of them have had other sexual orientations, and that's fine. Nobody messes with my friends, no matter what race, creed, culture, or orientation they might be.

This post, oddly enough, is not about sexual orientation, though, but more about music that might be considered "gay" in a totally different way (no matter what your orientation).

It's about sappy love songs (one in particular) that I might have fallen victim to, and admittedly have enjoyed on different occasions for various reasons. As I consider myself an avid and eclectic lover of many types of music, but Punk, Rock and Metal above all others, so you can see why I am timidly approaching mentioning the following.

Guess I better rewind back to youth a bit, and make a quick notation. The song you are about to hear and harass me for the rest of my life about, at one time meant a lot to me because of my 'then-crush', Larry R. It's a long story, and I'm almost certain I have mentioned him in one of my stories before, where he came out in a towel to some "Bocephus" song. [Bocephus is not to be confused with Jocephus, Hydrocephalus, Cepheus, or Boethius as the spell correct tried to suggest].

Anyway, there Larry was in all his muscular glory, prancing around the living room, half naked and glistening... he was my first real kiss and all that jazz?? Ring a bell?? Hmmm well. Anyways, Kathy and I had given him a ride through town once (under my direction of course since I was so in love), and that song was playing on the radio. Well, he mentioned how much he liked it and I of course made it my new favorite song... In fact, it was "our song"... Looking back now, it is to laugh, and I mean heaven help Richard Marx's extreme-hardcore mullet (y'gotta check it out). Geezuz!!! Got Aquanet?

On Steaming... Can you for the love of all that is sane, ACTUALLY have a fight over broccoli?? Well Mr. J and I did the other night, I was multi-tasking (rather badly) while he was running the grill outside, I was doing veggies inside, and the broccoli over-steamed, and he mentioned it, and I said something and he blew up... Burned by Vegetables indeed... Men!!!

So yeah just a couple updates is STILL all I have time for because I have really been that swamped this week. I wanted to say so much here and there, but every time I even thought about popping in and updating, I got attacked full-force with more issues and projects.

On the upside, Tax Hell has finally come to an end (sort of), I mean we made the deadline for getting things mailed off and everything is in order and correct, to the best of my knowledge and information... I did all I possibly could to try and get it right. I swear!!! God taxes stress me... anyways, thank GAWD April is half-way through, and we're looking towards more sunshine and spring loveliness.

Oh, and if you've somehow mentioned to miss this lady with her extraordinary voice, then you have had your head buried in the sand. She was on Britain's Got Talent, and apparently has created quite a stir since. Do yourself a favor and check out Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables You Go Girl! Never judge a book by its cover folks. Because you really never know.


Nothingman said...

By the time I got into music Richard Marx was a part of history. Thank god for that. Never really had a fight over a vegetables, i avoid them like hell. Tax, income ain't taxable :P and nope haven't heard the female you gave the link to.

Have you tried twitter by the way? :)


Reb said...

Well, at least he could carry a tune and was nice to look at. I agree that Boyle has a stunning voice, but am appalled that not only the audience, but the judges were sneering at her looks.

g-man said...

I hope things slow down for you soon.

Bummer on the broccoli.

I saw that woman sing, and holy cats!!! An amazing set of pipes, and I hope that the judges et. al. learned a lesson.

Furtheron said...

Britain's Got Talent... AAAAHHH!!! Hate the show - once in a blue moon there is a feel good story like her but most of the time it's utter rubbish, I go out of my way to avoid it normally... Still so far of what I've heard (limited) through the grapevine, I hope she wins.