Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rotten Eggs

Ahhh, there you are. Fancy meeting you here... As if you are reading this now, it must officially be "Easter Sunday". The best and most deserving of us, it seems, have risen once again!

I honestly hadn't planned on blogging until late on sunday, but thanks to late night boredom and the magical wonders of technology and the Blackberry, nothing can stop me.

I'm lying here in the floor watching a movie like a 15 year old as I always have. Its funny how I tend to turn into a teenager the moment I roll into the driveway... Home... Home... Home (I keep thinking if I say that over and over it will work like red ruby slippers and wisk me away to there).

It feels so strange, even stranger just looking at Dad's chair, seeing anyone in it but him, just isn't right... Even when it's me. He was there for so long, so many "MASH" and "Gunsmoke" and moments spent in Mayberry there, the residual will play on forever.

More and more death, disease, diasaster and destruction I become audience to, I can't help but musingly ponder the point in this big sadistic game. Just too many of those "D's" to bear.

Here's to finding that prize egg before it disentigrates into stinking rot. Good. Luck to you all; Have an "Easter" drink on me.


g-man said...

I can recall watching MASH as a family, my mom was so into it. Happy easter. (on Monday :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks G-man, you too! Yes that was a classic show, I still love it.