Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Panics and Pandemics

A Gazillion people are buzzing about this Swine Flu thing... I hate thinking about stuff like that. I hate "Pandemics" and disaster talks. I thought this video from "CNN" was pretty good info though, so if you are obsessing over it all, have a look.

I plan on being back later with other things to gab on over, but I don't know if I will. I still promise I will be around to everyone asap though... don't give up on me!! Busy week.

Until then, everyone cover your face when you sneeze or cough, if you're sick for GOD'S SAKE PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Just be smart about this stuff. Wash your hands and keep them out of your nose and mouth, and just try to keep from spreading germs around when possible... Just use your common sense, that's all. It's something we should do every damn day anyway, not just when we are in the wake of some pandemic.


Furtheron said...

You know I think I should just avoid as much news as possible really... it just panics/depresses etc. and there is relatively little I can do about any of this stuff. Like you say the advice is obvious. I hate the martyrs who come into the office clearly very sick and say "I've never taken a day sick from this company".... no but 27 other people have since you spread your infection everywhere muppet!

Gramps said...

I generally try not to freak out about anything, pandemic or otherwise. I have discovered that my freaking out doesn't actually solve anything.