Friday, August 01, 2008

Visceral Friday

I am exited and honored to say that Freakazojd has been posting again, and she has given a "word" to describe my blog, she called it "Visceral".

I am so flattered and honored to be even mentioned in the list of blogs she enjoys stopping by. In keeping with the idea that my blog is somehow "Visceral" (if you don't know what that means, boys and girls I'll let you do your own homework on that), I would prefer to think that instead of "popping by" to visit my blog, that when you are here, you are somehow invited into the deep woods of my mind so-to-speak. That's why I think my last header illustrates that point best. As with any forest (I call mine forrest), there are clearings and sunny spots, and then also dark and scary places that you think you might get lost in... same is true in my mind.

Anyway, I appreciate the mention once again, Freakazojd, and am glad that you are part of my Forrest. I'm glad for each and every one of you, that stroll through here to visit and read. Thank you!

On to my daily annoyances... I suppose.

I hate:

-Guilt Trips

-People driving Mustangs in particular (or other 'hot rods') that pull out in front of you, or cut you off, only to go 20 MPH in a 45 or over zone

-Long annoying work weeks

-Being somehow 'roped into' doing something you don't really want to do, out of obligation, and wanting to say "no way" but knowing you'd feel like a big creep if you did.

-Days that I don't get to ride my motorcycle.

-Sitting in my chair working on something when I need to pee, and remembering 3 hours later that I still need to go pee, but instead I elect to put up a blog post

-Guilt Trips

-Undeserved Sarcasm

-Being made to feel like something is my fault when in fact I had nothing to do with it, or tried my best to make something work out (kind of goes under Guilt Trips)

-People who only think of themselves

-Assholes, and Asshole Drivers in general

-Assholes who dish out Guilt Trips

-Guilty Assholes Who Trip

-Sauerkraut and "Weenies" (not the good kind of weenies, or as even "weener dogs", but the kind of weenies that go with "Sauerkraut"). Gross!!!

-Drama and Bullshit in general

I think that's about it, I'm trying to make sure I didn't miss something. If I did, I'll catch ya next time around, yes?

Before I forget, I must show you this picture...
It is a REAL cloud that I photographed with my cellphone yesterday, untouched. What does it look like to you?? If you see it my way, what it appeared to me right off was a giant "Boxing Glove" cloud. This cloud appeared shortly before a very bad "kick ass" storm... I found this hilarious as it must have surely been "God's Boxing Glove" and he was about to knock us on our ass. We lost power for about 2 hours, and then my internet was screwed up. "GO GOD!!" lol Remind me not to make him any angrier next time... although I can't think what would have broken my heart more than taking my internet. :)

O.k., well you guys have a fantastic and VISCERAL weekend!!!

Oh Yeah, Don't Forget WTF Friday!

Kick ass!


Jay said...

Guilt trips really suck.

Lots of thing suck though.

But you don't. Your cool. ;-)

Mad Hatter said...

Boxing Glove ? It looks like a baby laying down to me. Boxing Glove ?

BBC said...

I like wandering around in the woods of others minds. There sure are a lot of folks that can't swim in the deep part of my mind though.

Hope you're having a good weekend Jackie. I think I will drop into the beer church for a bit this afternoon.

Cynnie said...

it looked a bit like an erect penis to me ..
but then ..everythings looking like an erect penis to me lately :)

Freakazojd said...

Haha...Um, not sure I saw a boxing glove. Nope. More like a penis. Sorry about that, I TOTALLY thought that's where you were going with that, and then read on only to discover I was out on the pervert limb by myself, haha! (Until I read Cynnie's comment & thought "Thank god".)
I responded to your query in my comments, but yes, DEFINITELY meant it as a compliment. And I was happy to include you - I haven't been around much in general at all, but when I am, I check in on you to see what you're up to, even if I don't post a comment. Thanks for the shout-out back. :)

Kenski said...

Boxing glove? Nope... Homer Simpson asleep on the job... probably a simpler explanation for the power outage :-)

captain corky said...

I hate assholes too. I'm glad I'm not one most of the time. ;)

Awesome pic. My cell phone takes the worst pictures in the world.