Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Salty Sour (WWC)

It's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day again... My it rolls around fast! As always, it is hosted by Everyone's favorite host, Tink.

Today's words are "Salty" and "Sour".

I took photos around town, but I just couldn't seem to illustrate this in a mere photo. I mean I could've just gone and taken pictures of nuts, and lemon drops and other foods, but it was just too easy. I don't like the simplest answer.

Therefore, I give you a Photoshop creation that I did of Mr. J.

Ok, now the story behind this is, I was discussing some 'band-related' junk, and mentioned how expensive things are and how we are all struggling through our finances and rents, etc, and can't afford to spend much on mixing down the CD. Well, Richie writes back jokingly that he is going to take a part-time job as a Space Cadet. That's all it took, I was off to look for a funny photo, and a shot of him I could impose the head onto the body with. I think it looks hilarious!

Why am I submitting it for "Salty" and "Sour"? Well, for one thing, looks as though that helmet is really hot, so he is sweating... all that sweat has to make him a little Salty, and his expression is quite sour for someone who should be totally enjoying his Space Mission. ROFL!! :)

It's just so funny-looking that he has a "little kid" body too.

So there you go. **snickers**

However, I do have a few extra photos... they have nothing to do with today's theme, I just thought I would share. For various reasons, and evoking various thoughts. Enjoy.

This is a cool painting on the side of a building near Beale Street.

Just thought it was a neat shot of a billboard on N. Second St.

Factory Smoke Near I-240 on a Cloudy Day

I Like This Song... Alot! (Don't You Dare Laugh)

Why Would They EVER Pair Up These Two? I Call It "KenTacoFriedChickenBell"

We Are Home To "Tiny Vegas" I Guess You Could Say.

The Hurricane Season Has Brought Us All Dark Weather.

Enjoy And Have A Safe Mid-Week everyone... Since I will be attending Aunt Lorena's husband's funeral tomorrow, I may or may not be able to post, and if I do it will probably be later. x



kcinnova said...

I'm now singing "Walking in Memphis." I like the guitar mural. A lot!

Sorry about the death in your family.

Chatty said...

Very cute. Sweaty and salty - works for me!
KenTacoFriedChickenBell *snort*
Also love the guitar on the wall, and the smoke on a cloudy day...

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I must come over in the summer ;-)

g-man said...

Now that is some piece of PS work there sister. Very well done. It looks like an album cover!!! You rock. :)

Reb said...

You do great PS work! Love the guitar on the wall.

Speedcat Hollydale said...


GOOD CATS!! I am in line baby :-)

Heaven .... I'm in heaven ... cause there's KFC and Taco Belllllllll.
...and I can have me chicken on bone or in a shell
When Iam out there eating chicken cheek to cheek!

Jay said...

Sweaty - salty. LOL that's pretty good. Good photoshopping too!

Kenski said...

Presumably they're going to built a cardiac emergency care unit next to the KTFCB? It should have paid for itself within a month!

Tink said...

Ahahahaha- *Goes back to glance at photo again* -hahahaha! Brilliant.

Aunt Jackie said...

kc! Yes and thank you, now it is stuck in my head as well!!! rofl

chatty! Thanks... yes, you gotta love that... hehe

Manic! That'd be great, but as I warned you, Memphis has mean summers.

Gman! I'm glad you like it. And actually, my drummer and I discussed using it as the album cover-lol!!

Reb! I love murals, and downtown there are some pretty cool ones, thanks!

Speedy! Hehe... You'd be there greatest customer? :)

Jay! Thanks! And don't you just LOVE to get sweaty and salty. ;) haha

Kenski! It's funny, but I see alot of "heart attack" places right next to health places, or hospital areas... people are so droll--lol

Tink! Thanks my dear! I am glad that it got a giggle... Richie liked it too.