Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dreary Weekend Dreams

The rain has kind of stuck around, I guess we're getting showers from Hurricane Fay. So we haven't seen a really "clear" day most of the week. I like my rain and all, but I've just felt quite listless and mundane through the course of the whole week. Maybe it will switch up soon... I sure hope.

At any rate, I'm sure you've all seen This Video Of The Idiot Kitesurfer who got slammed into the building by Fay. Just kind of shows me that idiots are still breeding, and that they need to be sterilized to stop the spread... Humans via evolution, should be advancing right?? Well so many people make a stiff argument for stupid. So I just don't know if we're making much progress.

I know this is tragic and all, but please... is it so hard to use your brain these days?? They say we use only 10%, right? I think alot of people don't even come close to that. This is probably old news for most of us, but I'm a bit behind this week because I just haven't had my head into blogging.

Writer's block has kind of kicked in, so it's been hard to even think of much to write about. Nothing has really amused or entertained me, nothing I felt worthy of posting up. Sounds pretty sad huh. lol

As many of you know, Music is a huge part of me. Magic and I couldn't live without it. Funny that I grew up listening to country music because of my parents, and of course being exposed to some terrible gospel music (thanks Mom!), which kind of threw me off our traditional southern gospel music sound, but that's probably a whole post by itself. There are other reasons that I really don't do 'the church thing', but, I digress.

However, I do have some great memories of the music my Mother listened to growing up, and she kept the house full of music, and that in itself was wonderful for me. Plus, just seeing the pure joy music brought to her, that's worth listening to anything. So I don't really listen to country music that much, I still have a great appreciation for its artists, and entertainers.

One of country music's great entertainers was Marty Robbins. He is one of my Mom's most beloved singers anywhere, she even has a cat named after him (which is kind of my fault). One of the things she always said was that she loved his personality on stage, he was so comical and that 'nobody could out dress Marty!'. She always did have a thing for fancy suits and a song you could 'cut a rug' to. ;) So anyways, long years ago, Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard teamed up quite alot and not only did they bring about a great storm of music, but their comedy was tough to equal. This video that I ran across, where Merle Haggard Does an impression of Marty, really took me back and it makes me think of Mom, she would get a kick out of it and I hope you do too.

Sometimes there are legends that will never be mimicked (I guess unless by the other legends, as in the video), and memories that can never be topped... My Mom and the music she loves is right up there.

Happy Weekend... J


Jay said...

Unfortunately idiots are reproducing at a very rapid rate.

My favorite bar back in my college days used to play Marty Robbins at closing time to get people to leave. I always stayed around cause I liked him. ;-)

JINKS said...

You bring back memories of my relatives who got all into the country music scene.....they all liked country when it wasn't cool.