Monday, August 04, 2008

Baking Is Fun

Yes, baking is fun unless it is baking in the oven of the devil's favorite kitchen, Memphis... And no, once again, this is not a post about a delicious, moist, fresh-from-the-oven, chocolate cupcake.

Oooh, that looks good, doesn't it?? Yummy! Don't you want to go down to your local bakery and buy one, or go to the store and bake some delicious chocolaty cupcakes now? I sure do... but I doubt I will. ;)

Baking in the heat lately is what most of us have been doing. It is no fun except when I am riding through the wind on my Shadow Sabre... that's good until I get stuck at a redlight. Then I have a virtual "meltdown".

Oh well, this is a quicky of sorts today, and I know how all of my readers love quickies.

Weekend Summary...

Friday night was pretty laid back, I basically just fixed my face, put on my do-rag, and props and goofed off with a few Self portraits. Here are a couple, just so you can see what Tomfoolery I was up to... lol

"Peacock Feather"

"Kisses from Kitteh"

"Who Knows"

"Have A Cigar"

"My Favorite One With Peacock Feather"

Yes, what a Narcissistic Friday I had... Ay Ay Ay! But I hope you got a kick out of them. I had fun making them, and my cat did too.

Speaking of pictures, tomorrow is Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) time again, and this week's words are "High" and "Low". So that should be fun.

Saturday, I had to do that 'helping a friend' thing, and made a trip to Jackson, Mississippi... Turned out o.k., then I got back and had a massive headache (tension I think), and laid down for a little nap... Didn't accomplish much else.

Sunday, "Jimi" and I rolled down to my Mom's house for a visit, and had to leave quicker than expected because of impending storms... I just missed them really, so I didn't have to ride the bike out in the rain or anything.

That's about it, then the weekend was over. They sure do pass quickly... Oh Well! Come back n'See Mehhh... ya Heah??


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Narcissit....Look at me Friday? Wow never heard of it before.

Baking sounds good. Did you get to lick the iceing bowl?

g-man said...

Most excellent portraits. I really like the cat one and the last feather one. Nice job. I cant look at a cigar and not think of Bill Clinton. :/

Cant wait to see what you do for WWC.

BBC said...

Nice pics. I bake cakes and cupcakes all the time but don't have any to eat right now. Just hand over some cupcakes and no one gets hurt. :-)

JINKS said...

great pics Auntie J, you ever think of vlogging?....give us a lesson on your creative photo shoots. Rodney loves his Auntie J and it shows.